Oct 2, 2007

Hello Everyone,

Well after a week in Hungary, they figured out I am not going to grow eating there food. I had talks with the owner and coach after the games we had this weekend. They were expecting me to be a taller and stronger, not real sure why they thought I was taller. They said I would be a great 3, but they don’t have money for that position this year. I am a little upset with the way the whole process came about because the club here said they were brining me in on a guarantee contract. They have also brought in two other Americans and the team is toying with them as well. This team as been real unorganized and unprofessional through this whole process so in the long run it looks like it might be a good move to get out of here. Of course I need to get another job somewhere though, but I have confidence in my agent that he will come through.

The nice thing about being here in Hungary is I have been able to hang out with some other Americans. The team has not given any of us a car, but we have been able to manage. I will be here in Kormend for a couple of days until I can fly to another team. It makes no sense to fly all the way home to turn around and fly back. That has been the number one advice from everyone I have been in contact with is to stay in Europe. It is a lot easier to say you have a guy in Europe then one across the pond. I am still in great health, eating well, and have a bed (which is more then the other American here right now). I will trust the process and am excited to see where the next destination will be. Never thought I would have lived in three countries in less then three months, but it is an interesting experience. Will try and update as soon as I know more. Until then I will be sitting in this wireless Café in Kormend, Hungary.

I have included an image of the sweet sixteen rings. I have not been able to see it in person, but Brian sent me a picture!!

This is BC gone for now


Anonymous said...


very sorry it didn't work out in hungary..it's their loss!

i'm sure you'll be picked up by a new team real soon.

awesome ring..GO DAWGS!! :)

Big AL

Anonymous said...

All the best to you Brandon. This has been challenging I am sure. Hopefully you can land a new position soon on a good team that is professional and treats you well.


Kristen said...

Hang in there BC:) You're getting amazing life experiences!!!