Aug 24, 2008

Is camp over YET??

Hello Everyone,

Well we have about 2 days left of camp and it could not come any sooner. I think everyone is ready for a change of scenery. I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining because I’m defiantly not. This has been a lot easier adjustment then France was and I have been able to keep my weight on here. However I have been living out of a bag for about 2 weeks now in two of the tiniest hotel rooms with one of the biggest guys on the team (Drew). He has been a good roommate and we get along well, but he does snore louder then me. I believe that is a big accomplishment from what people have told me about my snoring. I have actually had to start sleeping with ear plugs at night. Don’t worry I’m not talking behind his back we have had many conversations about it. Like I mentioned in the last entry we drove about 10 hours to the north east of Poland for camp.

The place is nestled in between a forest and a huge lake. There is also a horse farm on the hotel grounds, but we did not have a chance to ride any (nor did I want to). The food has defiantly been a surprise every day. For example one of my breakfasts at the hotel was hot dogs and spaghetti. Sounds like a breakfast of champions getting those carbs early in the day. They have been serving there milk warm as well so that is hard to deal with. They seem to treat there lunches like dinners here, where you have soup to start then the main course of meat and potatoes and salad and vegetable (usualy not a bad meal). Now dinner is another story in itself. We have had some interesting dinners to say the least, like a hot dog onion tomato soup, pancakes with some meat (not terrible), and one night with dino eggs as we labeled them (meat inside this huge flour oval shaped thing). They def. missed the memo where all you need is chicken and we will be pleased. Luckily for me I’m not a terribly picky eater, but some of the guys have had a rough time with the food. We have been ordering pizza in almost every night. Hard to go to bed hungry knowing you have two workouts the next day.

The days were all pretty much the same in terms of workouts. We woke up and ran or lifted in the morning sometimes both and then practice would be every evening. We had to take small buses about 5 kilometers to the gym. It was pretty amazing that they made it to the gym everytime. The team has been coming together pretty well. I still believe we can be pretty good, we have a lot players that can create miss match problems. Our point guard is about 6’4” and we just go up from there. We have been scrimmaging a lot in the practices which I love. I feel that is far more important then drills at this point in the career. I have been shooting lights out right now which I am very pleased with and def. hope that keeps up. I also have been dealing with some knee soreness I think from running on these different terrains. We had today off (Sunday) and it has been very good for the legs. We will head to Lithuania on Wednesday to play two games and start a very busy pre season schedule. We will play 13 games in the next five weeks before the start of the actual season.

We had a chance to go on a boat ride the other day on the lake, but it really did not turn out the way I was hoping. We had to sit on the boat like you were on a horse (pictures below) and then the guy tried to tell us how fast it went while he was taking unnecessary turns. If the goal was to get everyone motion sickness I believe he succeed with getting about half of the team. He also made about 5 sailboats mad as he sped by about hitting two of them. The funniest part about the trip was when one of the teammates put on the life vest and pulled the red cord. It was one of the jackets that you only pull the cord like after you fall in the water. It started inflating and everyone just started laughing historically. The boat driver looked like he wanted to punch him in the face. While that is not the only comedy we have had for the week it was the major one. This team seems to get along very well and we should have a fun year.
Until next time!

This is BC gone for now


Anonymous said...


enjoyed the pics.

hang in there with camp, meals, and Drew's loud snorning.

good luck in pre-season games.

Big AL

Anonymous said...

sorry could not beat Big Al on post!!!
great info: had good laugh about the life vest!:) could see it in pic.
keep up the hard work, ice the knees
kobe and lebron bring home GOLD
love you
the Fam.
your greatest Fans

Amber said...

Hey Cousin, I went to check on Grandpa today and then they told me you had a blog. So now I'm going to be stalking you! :) And checking up on you!'s great to see your doing great! Glad it's you eating that food, because I'm not sure I could handle it! I like different foods but not that different! Take Care!
The Best Cousin! (as grandpa he told me I was the best and number one today!!!!! ha lol)

Anonymous said...

Hey, Grandpa said to check out your blog...pretty cool i're handleing the food alot better than i would...warm milk makes me wanna barf my guts out...

hope your're having fun, Mahra