May 11, 2009

Hello Everyone,

So Yesterday was mother’s day! A day to celebrate all that mother’s do for their children! I think I have the best MOM in the world! My mother has done so much for me growing up. Always taking me or following me around the country with my numerous tournaments in grade school all the way until the final game at butler. She has given and done more then just lend her support, but I think that is the best part about her. She has supported me through everything the good and even the bad. The only thing she has ever asked from me is that I be around to spend some time with her. That is a pretty easy and enjoyable request! I wish I knew how to be gushier with my words and write 7 paragraphs, but that is just not me! All I can say is that I love her and she means the world to me! It would also be wrong for me not to mention my step-mother. She possesses every trait that you would want in a mother and I love her very much as well

Next up is ……. FOOD (I’m sure many of you could have guessed that one). One of the reasons America is one of the fattest countries is because of our restaurants. I can illustrate this point very easily. There was a restaurant in Poland called Bella Vista. Of course by the name you know this is Italian. The only time we would go to the restaurant was when they had there 50% off during the week. I had to order two entrees to fill up, most of the time I would get lasagna and chicken Alfredo. In Indianapolis we have an Italian restaurant called Maggiano's. If I ordered the lasagna here I would be full and then be able to box the rest up and have enough for lunch and maybe even dinner the next day. In terms of healthiest which way is healthier?? I don’t really care!! I work out a ton and I want the most food for my money, yes I try to be very frugal! With all that being said I move introduce to you two restaurants in downtown Memphis that have now moved in to my top 10 list (if I had one of those).

The first being Rendezvous. It is a restaurant that specializes in Ribs. The location was in an alley, but you would have thought it was in time square by the amount of people who were eating and waiting for a table at 8 PM on a Wednesday night. I would have hated trying to get in there on a Friday or Saturday. The place had a ton of history and character hanging on its wall and ceilings. The menu was simple; you pick your meat ribs, brisket, or chicken. All dishes come with baked beans and coleslaw. I ordered the ribs and brisket combo because I like variety. They serve all the meals on paper plates. I bet the servers love not having to do dishes. They had some of that down south sweat tea that was excellent. The place started back in 1908 with the guy making ham and cheese sandwiches and then he realized he had a basement with smokers. The rest is well you know history!!

The second place was well you can prob. see by the picture kookyCanuk. My brother filled us in that they have a 7lb hamburger. If you eat the 7lb burger in under an hour it is free. Nothing like combining food and challenges in America! We had 6 adults and 3 small kids and this one burger filled us all up. We got a couple additional sides but wow as you can tell from the picture below it was huge!! I really wanted to try and eat it myself but prob. not good for my training and would have set me back for no reason except, well would have been cool to hang my photo up.

We also toured Graceland, which is the home of Elvis. I have to admit going into it I was not very excited. I mean I know Elvis’s music, but it was not around my generation. I’m so glad I went through it though. The house is not overwhelming like you would picture it to be, but it looks like time has just stopped. Everything is like it was back in the 1970’s which is pretty cool to see. The parts that impressed me the most were the trophy room where he had his Grammy’s and all the platinum and gold records. He also had a racquet ball court built which was turned into more space for all of his platinum and gold records from just the 1970’s. As well as a glass sculpture that was made for him. We walked around with a headset that told you all the details of the house as well as details of Elvis. If you are ever in Memphis I would recommend it.

Well I went to Memphis in honor of celebrating my brother’s ordination, but was able to see and do a lot of cool things in downtown Memphis, from the food, to the trolley ride, and also walking down Beale Street (The legendary street known for blues music and the birthplace of rock’n roll) with my family.

Speaking of my brother’s ordination the service was very cool if you are allowed to label church services with those kinds of words. They introduced him and he spoke to the congregation about his plans. The minister then gave a sermon basically to Loren, but could be applied by everyone. They then performed the ceremony called “laying of the hands”. Every minister that was there, I believe 8 were there, went up and spoke and prayed with him one at a time. Loren had a lot of family that were there to support him so I know it was a very proud day for him and I’m glad I was there to support him!!

Until next time

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SADO said...

Lol dude nice that you enjoy food but when you end you basketball career you'll have to stil work up not to get fat hehe. ELO

Anonymous said...


great blog update.

nice pics of your family. :)
your mom and stepmom are the best!

very happy for Loren..congrats!


Big Al

Alan Crone said...


My name is Alan Crone. I live in Memphis. I just read your post on your trip to Memphis for your brother's ordination. Does he live here in Memphis? Where does he minister. I have followed your career and my sons James and Charlie are also big fans. Let us know the next time you are in Memphis. As you may know there are a LOT of Crones here. Best of luck in the future.