Mar 14, 2010

We will have the six pack please.... OF WINS!

Hello Everyone,

It has been a nice couple of weeks. Of course 6 wins in a row will help that out, but the sun has been shining a lot. Spring fever is creeping in on me. I have been told that it has hit the 60’s a couple times at home. We have not been that lucky yet, but we have hit 41 degrees. Even with about 7 days of straight sunshine we still have 3 or 4 inches of snow left on the ground. I guess it is more like ice now as it melts during the day and refreezes at night. The walk to the gym has become about 100 times more dangerous with all the black ice.

Both games were on the road this week, one in Stockholm and the other in Sundsvall. 08 which is the team name in Stockholm was a big game for us not because of the standings, but because how bad they embarrassed us on national TV and at home the last time (Minus Will, Boka, and myself). It was more of a pride game where we really wanted to beat them, but not act like jackasses in the process. The game was back and forth and we really did not play all that well in the first half and we broke it open in the second half after a big play. I would say it was probably my best defensive play of the year. I knocked the ball away from the guy and as we were both chasing after it he had a step on me and was blocking me off. So I dove under him and was able to come up with the ball after it rolled to the corner on our offensive end, I then passed it to our center who scored and got an and 1! After that they received a technical foul and it ended up being about a 7 point swing. I finished the game with 17 points,6 boards, and 4 steals along with a couple more dives!!! The win knocked them out of having a chance of making the playoffs which I cannot say that I am to sad about. I received player of the game which came with 6 coupons for a free sub at subway. The only problem is they would not accept them in the subway in Sodertalje. Might have to bring them back to the states and try them since they are in English!

The second game was in Sundsvall which was about a 3 in a half hour train ride. When we arrived in Sundsvall we ate at the railway saloon right next to the train station. It was an old western theme restaurant that had American and Texas flags hanging up all over. Budweiser boxes and animal heads also lined the walls. For a minute it felt like I had just walked into a Texas roadhouse back at home. The food was really good, but the game was even better.

The game was similar to the 08 where it was back and forth in the first half and we were down 3 at half. I had my best half of the season scoring 20 in the first half. We picked up the pressure in the second really playing good defense and causing them to have a ton of turnovers. I finished the game with 25 and 4 assists. We got a very big road win which keeps us in the running for fifth place. They have a player on their team that played with me last time I was here, so we went and visited with him and his family after the game.

We finish the season this week with one home game and one away game. The home game is against Gothia which will determine 5th and 6th place. The other one is in jamtland which may not have a lot riding on the game so some of us may not sit. We will be gearing up for playoffs the following week.

Until Next Time!

This is BC gone for now

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Anonymous said...


way to go on 6 game winning streak!

spring fever is here and MARCH MADNESS! :)

Big Al