Apr 19, 2010

Finally settling down!!

Hello Everyone,

Well I have finally had a chance to sit down and finally write a little bit. It has been pretty crazy couple of weeks with, the quick exit of the kings from playoffs, Butler playing for the national championship, trying to visit with all the family and friends, and moving to St. Louis.

I guess I need to touch on the playoff loss in Sweden. The season ended so quickly. We won the first game of playoffs in Solna pretty decisively and then we never won another game. We ran up against a team that was playing and shooting unbelievably. They had a lot of veterans and they used their experience and we just didn’t have enough fire power to stay with them. We played one bad game, but we had trouble scoring all series. It was a little weird sitting in the locker room after the last loss realizing it was all over. We had hopes of going farther especially riding the 8 game win streak into playoffs, and then it was all over! I really only had 2 good games out of four! Ironically the first and the last which were both also on TV! I really didn’t shoot well all series, but was somewhat effective in other areas. I defiantly wish we had a better series and a different ending (with us winning), but it did open up another opportunity for me to experience another unique and unbelievable event.

If you didn’t know by now that my alma-matter Butler University played for the National Championship in basketball. Since we lost my coach and team made an unbelievable effort to get me home for it. Since they made that effort and got me home I didn’t have a chance to give proper goodbyes or thank you to many of the people involved with the club. So I guess if any of them read this I would like to THANK YOU. I have had two really good seasons in Sodertalje and have met some really good people. The thing above all else is I also got paid (HAHA).

Man I’m not even sure I can put in words how awesome it was for Butler to play in our hometown of Indianapolis for the CHAMPIONSHIP. So many people have come through the program giving time and effort along with sweat and tears. To see all that accumulate into playing for the title was just surreal. I was able to visit and hang out with many former players during the whole weekend. The Butler University program is such a small family and full of such good people that it made this event even more enjoyable. They had a brunch for alumni which were free for past players. The food was excellent and my former coach Todd Lickliter gave a very good speech. They had all former players go down and talk with the team before they played MSU. It was a surprise for all. We took a group photo and Coach Stevens gave a quick speech.

One of the coolest moments for me was that both my mother and father got to attend the event as well. My mom went to Saturday’s game while my father went to the national championship game. Although I wish the result for the game was different here as well, but the pathway that this group Butler Bulldogs players just opened up is remarkable.

I have moved to St. Louis with my fiancee before our wedding in June. I am hoping to meet with some of the college coaches here and possibly opening up a position of some kind even if it is volunteer. Morgan has a job that she loves until at least September. So I have a couple of months to see what happens here in St. Louis. We have a nice 2 bedroom apartment about 5 minutes of downtown and right by forest park. It is in a great location if only it could be Indianapolis!!!

I Guess this is the last blog update until after the honeymoon!!! Going to be a great summer with Kentucky derby, Las Vegas, cubs rooftop tickets, couple of other weddings to attend, plus my OWN WEDDING (AND HONEYMOON)!!

Until next time!

This is BC gone for now


Anonymous said...


awesome blog update

keep in touch! :)

Big Al

Rob Sisson said...

Must be a hell of a honeymoon if you haven't blogged for four months!