Jul 1, 2007

The Beginning

Hello all,

i thought this would be a great idea since so many supporters have been so interested in the process of me playing professionally and where i would end up. this blog should give my family and Friends a glimpse of what it is like to be overseas. I will try and keep this updated the best i can as i go through my 10 month journey. I will talk about life, the team, the city, and of course the games. I will also try and keep pictures the best i can as well. I will start my first post with this summer and the stress and excitement of the process.

This summer has been a rather unique one. In past summers i had someone taking up my time almost twenty four seven from, coaches, professors, internship, weight room, personal workouts, and what ever else. This summer was very different as i watched many of my friends graduate and move on to the next step of there lives. Many getting full time jobs and starting there life. While i was laying around mom and dad's houses, working out, and visiting lakes, friends, and family. While it has been a rather relaxing summer which i am very thankful for it also has been a very anxious summer. I have worked so hard the past few years to accomplish the goal of playing professionally, but i did not know if the goal would come true or not.
The whole month of may and June is spent working out not knowing if anyone will want you . All the anxiousness has turned to excitement as i have recently found out i will be playing in Mulhouse, France. It is very exciting to see all my hard work pay off. I will be leaving towards the end of July, and will return in May ( i believe i get to come home for Christmas). France should be a great place for me to get my feet wet since this will be my first trip overseas.

I hope you will have a chance to check up on me now and then and feel free to leave comments or questions.

Thanks to all,

This is BC going for now!!


Anonymous said...

Parlez vous francais, Brandon? La France ! Qu'un grand choix ! Nous devons voyager en France encore pour voir que vous jouez le basketball.
votre d'Ami,

Uncle Denny said...

Don't have a clue what Katrina said but let me try in English. Congratulations, play well and enjoy Europe.

Very proud of my "little nephew".

Grandpa & Grandma Crone said...

We say hurah, hurah, hurah! But our car doesn't do water..guess we'll need a passport.

Candy said...


The Krumwiedes are so proud of you as you reach your goal playing Bball in Europe. I will certainly tell Aunt Frannie too.
Can we come visit?

Will miss seeing you at the Mitchell reunion.

Anonymous said...



i'm thrilled you get to continue to play ball.

i'll be with you in spirit, cheering loud, and jumping up and down!

Big AL

Anonymous said...


Buy me something at Louis Vuitton--Kidding!

Way to go, Big'un. Stay focused, stay in touch, and when in doubt--say your Canadian! HA!

Uncle Mark & Auntie Liz

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you and anxious for you for every moment of new and exciting endeavors you are about to experience in this unforgettable time of your life.
Remember that your family at home love and will miss you, although we know that any person you meet will fall in love with you the same as we all have!
Becareful and ENJOY!
Big Hugs to ya,
Kimberly Mitchell

James said...

Brandon, Your descriptions and honesty are greatly appreciated! I hope the shoulder heals completely, and quickly! I wish you every success, and I am SO grateful that there are people like you who represent the best of the USA to the rest of the world. - Beej

Novae said...

Wow cuz, I am so very proud of you and can't tell you how envious I am too!! I know that we haven't had much time to talk as of late, but your mom has told you of my journey as well and I hope that we will be in contact more now.
I will miss watching EVERY SINGLE GAME....as I did the previous years, but I can't imagine how fantastic it is in France!!!
I am missing you and loving you...hope to see you in December??
Love Always
Cuz Novae

Anonymous said...

Nice reading, cuz. Keep it coming and we'll see you in Munich in a few weeks!