Jul 18, 2007

Two weeks

Hello friends,

I was not going to update this blog until I arrived in France, but due to some people insisting that I update before I leave I thought I might. I would like to first thank everyone for there continual interest in me (I think Big Al might everyone beat).

I would like to Start this blog off with some great news, I got my passport. With all the delays and back log I was able to get mine in time. I guess whether I like it or not I can now go to France. Loren (my brother) has already decided when he his coming and is working on my mother to get her passport and come along as well. That is in October if anyone is intersted;)

It has been a really calm month. I have been continuing to play open gyms with the Butler team. Which by the way should be VERY good next year. I'm looking forward to watching them on the Internet even though there is a six hour time difference. I'm not real sure how I will manage that one. There will probably be some very late nights.

For those people who may wonder how my season will go, I have gathered bits and pieces of information. My first game will be September 8th. I have been told that we most likely will play one game a week, which means a lot of practice (not my favorite). Also, Brandon Polk (a former teammate of mine) mentioned that they played Mulhouse last year. He played for Switzerland, so that means we play teams outside of France as well. I was also invited to play in the Ukraine for the first week of August with some ex-NBA players and a couple of rookies. Unfortunately, the France team would like me in Mulhouse on August 2nd, so i will not be able to partake in the event . I am still waiting to get my itinerary so I can have some idea of when I fly out. I have four bags opened and empty. I'm not real sure of what to pack when you are going to live in a foreign country for Ten Months. I'm not real sure on the basics of say laundry soap, toothpaste, floss. Do they even use that over there? Those are just a couple of things that are going through my head when trying to decide what and how to pack. I am leaving for a wedding in NC on the 19th of July and will return on the 22nd. This will leave me with about eight of the most anxious and nervous days of my life.

P.S. I was criticized on my last blog for grammar mistakes. Hopefully, this one will leave up to my Butler Degree. However, i would like to stress that English was not my Major.

This is BC gone for now!!!


Anonymous said...


once you get settled into your place in france, acclimated to the surroundings and start playing ball..everything will be just fine.

you're gonna doing great! :)

i will enjoy reading the updates on your blog.

Big AL

Teresa Skipper said...

Good Luck with your ventures in France. Can't wait to see your updates on the site. I'll talk your Mom into coming over to France with Loren.
Since Justin was over there for almost a year maybe he can give you some tips on packing!
What a great opportunity! Have Fun!

Anonymous said...

You mean, "live up to my Butler degree"? Oh well, let your basketball do the talking, possibly some of the typing also, and you'll be fine.

Anonymous said...

You're going to France...yes, they do wash and brush their teeth. It is not a third world country. They probably have some extra soap and toothpaste you can buy.

Novae said...

B, that was the funniest blog yet...don't worry about the degree in English (or lack there of), he-he...it's the B-ball that will take you all the way! Have fun while you're there and take some pix for me...please. Asked Loren to when he went and...well you know Loren...Love you Loren!!! Ha!
Hugs..with lots of love
God bless

Karen said...

Okay, so a lousy game does not a season make, keep working on it you will do great........
Love to read your blog, it is like
being there......well, almost.
Now you are getting the shopping down, in Europe you buy to cook every day not for a week or so, unless it PBJ and even the you want to get fresh bread......
Love the pic at the end of the blog.
Lv ya Karen