Aug 25, 2007


Hello Everyone,


I have come to the realization that I have way to much time on my hands. I have tried to pick up a new hobby of educating myself on different topics. This week I read up on the U.S. national debt (it is pretty astonishing). I also viewed a couple of documentaries on 9\11. I must say after watching these videos my view of what happened that day has completely changed. Now, I’m not going to be that crazy person that always tries to pass on his ideas to you. I believe people don’t listen to those people for three reasons. One, they don’t want that person to be smarter then them. Second, their thoughts and believes are deeply rooted with people who they trust, or third the person really is crazy (Loren used to be this person for me). Trust me I will spare all of you my views and stick to life and the team.

We played two games this week one at home and one on the road. The one on the road was actually at the Olympic facility for French Athletes. It was a little run down, but they said they are rebuilding it after the 2008 Olympics. There was no direct route to get there we actually went up, around, and through the mountains. Out of nowhere small towns would just pop up. It was a beautiful drive. We ate at the facility after the game some pork and broccoli with of course bread and fruit (It was like a cafetiria).Loren would fit in here well as four of my teammates do not eat pork.

This week driving to practice, I saw a kid sporting a Reggie Miller on the outside court. Reggie retired two years ago, but I guess his legacy has made it all the way to Mulhouse, France. The highlight of my dinner this week was when I splurged at Dominoes after our home game. I bought a pizza, cheese bread, wings, and a tub of Ben and jerry’s. They put tomatoes on my pizza so I also got a free drink. For all those concerned about my diet I needed that meal. This week’s menu has some Alfredo, spaghetti, salmon, and pork chops on it. We actually have the weekend off, but I did not make any plans for travel. I’m going to get in touch with some people in Germany that know a good family friend of ours. As for the rest of the weekend I’m going to walk to the city center and grab some dinner at a restaurant, clean up my apartment of all the trash, and also do laundry (not to exciting).

The Team


We were supposed to play a high level Switzerland team, but they canceled due to injuries on the team. We played the team we played the week before. The first half is one the whole team can forget pretty easily as we were giving up fast break lay-ups and threes like that was our game plan. We were down one at halftime to a team we really should never have been down to. The second half was a lot better as we won it 20-5. We went on to win by 20 some. I personally had a pretty good game in the second half. A lot of my points came off lay-ups and free throws. I did hit a couple of jump shots, with a couple and 1’s. I also had a quite unbelievable and 1 except the ref called it on the floor. The officiating here is some of the worst I have seen (it still does not compare to Florida and ISU). They drew a play up for me at the end of the third where I would come off three screens. I missed the shot short (imagine that), but it came back to me and I hit the three with no time left. I ended with 18 or 19 points. I am averaging a charge a game and I believe close to 2 or 3 steals a game.

Game Two

We played a Pro-B team in France which is one level above us. They were pretty big and physical. We played with them most of the first and then they started pulling away. I believe they got up by nine points. We started getting some stops and I hit three 3’s and we pulled to within two at half. The second half was much like the second half of our other game. We were playing well with each other making the extra pass and scoring pretty easily. We regained the lead and extended it to 8 in the fourth quarter, but with about 3 minutes remaining we were up by 2. We went back and forth to the end where I gave up a lay-up and fouled him. They were within in one and decided not to foul so I dribbled the clock down to 1.7 seconds when they fouled me. I only hit one free throw and they missed the final shot. It was a good win for the team. I personally shot the ball really well (including a shot clock beater from about the same place as the Maryland game). I hit six three’s and had 26 points. I kept my one charge average and added some more steals.


We have a rematch with the same Pro-B team this week and another game with a team in our division. These are still exhibition games as the season starts the 8th. I know I mentioned I was heading to Basil this weekend, but I found out that you must buy a pass for your car to drive in Switzerland. I did not want to risk it, so I will be working on getting that soon

This is BC gone for now


Anonymous said...


way to go! I knew you would be the star of the team. keep hitting the 3 pointers, making free throws, and hustling on the court.

i'm sure you enjoyed dominoes very much! sounds good to me! :)

have fun in france!

Big AL

Karen said...

Love reading about your games, I hope you got info about Luxembourg, I think that is a pretty easy drive for you. I love that you are continuing your "education" by reading up on all these things. Try google for Kathleen Parker. She writes a good and interesting column twice a week. Are you getting the hang of
daily marketing yet..... Lv ya Karen

Jeff, Alana, & Drake said...

Congrats Brandon! Sounds like you are having a blast! I know we are proud of you and hope you enjoy the time overseas. Alana and I really enjoyed the opportunities we have had to travel abroad and look forward to more of it someday! Keep up the good work!

Love - Jeff, Alana, & Drake

K. Ruch said...


I love what you are doing, international all-star baby! The RIP and Indy just isn't the same without you here, I almost broke down in tears the other night boots and I went to Qudoba's and you weren't there. I miss you tons and I'm sad that I missed you by a week or two. I wish you nothing but the best and I'm so happy you are following your dreams! In a few weeks we'll be on the same time zone again! Take care man, love ya!


k. ruch said...

ohh yea, you might want to start working on that asset column. I got an all new and upcoming business that is going to take the Dallas-Ft. Worth area by storm. You guys will be taking me to Australia in about three years!