Aug 19, 2007

Life is GOOD

Hello Everyone,


I believe I left off last time with me going to watch the French National Team in Strasbourg. It was about an hour drive, which I wish I had cruise control, but I guess that does not come with stick shifts. I must say the drive over was more exciting then the game. It was a friendly game between the two teams and they were scheduled to play again in two weeks for qualifier so it was not taken very seriously. The drive over was very nice with mountains on all sides. It looked like the pictures that you see growing up of France with the different color houses and crops on the mountain side. On the drive over we also passed a Lilly plant that had an Indianapolis steak house next to it. I might have to make the trip over there when I need a taste of home. They allow four wheelers on the road here, Heath would like that. We did not get to see much Strasbourg, but it looked rather big and had some nice buildings downtown. It was nice to get out of Mulhouse and see the game.

To the disappointment of my sister I have not been able to try much French cuisine. I mostly have been cooking at home the basics which resemble a lot of American food. We don’t get paid till the first off the month so I have not been able to splurge going to restaurants yet. Also, I thought I was not going to be able to watch my American shows, but a friend of mine gave me a website that has every TV show you would ever want along with some movies. I watched the Bourne Ultimatum the other day. I have pretty much figured out the city and get anywhere I need to. Life is good and I have no complaints.

Today, I made the trip to Freiburg, Germany. I thought I was really good with directions, in fact I used to brag to Morgan and my mom quite a bit, but France is really testing me. I started going the wrong way actually heading to Paris. When I figured it out I could not find an exit for the life of me. I passed like four rest parks and two gas stations. The gas stations are like a rest park, you get off and right back on. Finally, I came to a toll booth, I paid the 2.60 and of course there was an exit right after that. I turned around and paid 2.60 again and headed the right way. Freiburg is about 30 minutes from Mulhouse, but it took me about an hour in 15 minutes. Once I got to the city it was very nice. It had a lot of graffiti on the buildings that was the only down side. I found my way into the downtown part and parked (I had to dodge the 40 million bicyclers). I swear there were more bicycles then cars. The roads downtown were made of brick on other stones. There was a huge, and I mean huge church in the middle of the city. The architecture was really neat through out the entire downtown. It was mostly walk, tram, or bicycle. Cars were not permitted that is similar to the city center in Mulhouse as well. They had a small canal system running through it as well about as wide as my foot is long. They also had plenty of fountains and shops. Of course it was Sunday so many of them were closed. One would feel out of place if they did not have an ice cream cone in there hand. I did not want to feel out of place so I bought two (not at the same time). There were about 50 shops selling ice cream and pastries. I also saw my first Starbucks and Burger King (they had subway and McDonalds as well but that is in Mulhouse, too). The tram system was crazy they had tracks crossing roads and other tram tracks. They were going every which direction, Trams had to stop for other trams. I had never seen anything like that. It was a really nice city and I’m sure I will be making a couple trips over.

The Team

We had an exhibition game on Tuesday. We won by one point, all though we were leading by 12 to 15 almost the whole game. I played well scoring 23 points, 7 rebounds, and some assists (not sure how many). I did have 6TO which is way too many. Coach Lick would not have been happy with that. The team definitely needs to get better on defense guarding the pick and roll. Offensively we looked ok but need improvement as well. It was a good test because we have had only had 12 practices together. I injured a tendon in my shoulder and have been out since Wednesday. I have been getting treatment on it and will practice tomorrow. We have two games this week on Thursday and Friday. We play a pro A team from Switzerland and a pro B team from France. The team has been fighting the injury bug as we had one player come back yesterday and another who is out for another 2 weeks with a torn abdomen muscle. I like the system that we run and I feel we defiantly have a chance for success. This week will be a great test as we are playing two teams who are considered to be at higher levels then us.


I plan on making a trip to Basel, Switzerland sometime this week, maybe on Sunday. I believe I will be updating my blog every Sunday that seems to be the best time.

This is BC gone for now


Anonymous said...


it's good to hear about your adventures and experiences in france.

great job on 23 points!! :)

sorry about the injury but you'll be back on the court very soon.

have fun in switzerland.

Big AL

Anonymous said...

great blog info
feel like i am with you
keep up your great spirit!

Karen said...

My very first trip to Europe I was in Freiburg, it was a beautiful place and I really liked it. Sounds like you are having a great time. Check you email on Tues or Wed I am sending phone and email addresses to you. Meant to sent this am but forgot to bring them with me. So maybe later today....
Lv ya Karen Mcc

Anonymous said...


i am finally back in town myself and catching up on your Blogs. I am so jealous of all your traveling exploits in France. Maybe someday I will get to visit you there! How cool to live there and be immersed in the culture. And you have such a great attituded about it all. You are definitely getting an experience of your lifetime. Keep trying new things, you will never know what you are missing if you don't! French food is awesome!! The desserts are the best!! oh and pastries oh my gosh! if i lived there i would weigh 200lbs! :-) Praying your shoulder is better soon.
23 points! Tres Bien, mon Ami!
Love you!

Uncle Denny said...

Sounds like you are getting around France rather well. Hope you will be able to find the time to update everyone with all your new experiences. Having never been to Europe I find them most interesting.
Play well and enjoy.