Dec 19, 2007

Bad start, Great finish

Hello Everyone,

Well I officially have had the Sweden puking flu. It was not very fun either as I spent most of Monday night in the bathroom, and the other half setting the world record for the most “flip arounds” in bed. I had originally thought it was something I had ate, but when I limped my way to shoot around on Tuesday and talked to coach there were six other players also suffering through it. I considered myself pretty tough since 5 of the players did not travel to the game (2 of our starters), and I played 32 minutes. I must say I have never felt so weak after and that was another miserable night (Sleeping with a hooded sweatshirt, winter jacket, and blanket).

Later in the week I had actually recovered almost fully and was feeling good. We decided to have a little mini gift exchange with the team, where we would spend 100 Kronas, about $16. Greg (American center) and I headed downtown to do a little shopping. I decided to get a little disco light for my player (the gifts were suppose to be unusual or funny). It turned out to be a great hit. We also had a Christmas dinner with sponsors after Saturday’s game. It was a really good meal and the team stayed there most of the night playing games and hanging out (after the sponsors left). We have a three day break and I was invited to attend a Swedish Christmas dinner with a family after our game. In Sweden they celebrate Christmas on the 24th, I’m thinking about heading over there with Greg on Monday. Also, I made myself a Christmas batch of Brownies (I have to have something to leave for Santa.


We took the short trip over to Stockholm to face the second place team in the league. Like I mentioned above, we were a little shorthanded for the game. We were also playing a good team on the road. They were pretty fired up to play us hooping and hollering over everything. We played well and actually built a little lead until 3:00 minutes left in the second quarter when we went zone. They went on an 11-0 run and ended the half up 7. The second half we played even with them the whole half and ended up losing by 7. Personally it defiantly was not my best game offensively having only 12 points and 5 turnovers. Defensively I have been playing really well, getting a lot of strips and drawing some charges. I have been guarding the other team’s best player the last 4 or 5 games and I kind of like the challenge.

On Saturday we played Uppsala which is Thomas Jackson team. They were one game ahead of us, but if we won we would own the tie breaker as this would be the second time we beat them. We started the game great again running all over them and playing good defense. Luckily for us Thomas had one of his worst games missing 3 or 4 open threes in the first half and he never got himself going. They battled most of the game but we never gave up control or the lead and ended up wining by about 15.

I played another solid game scoring 14 pts, 8 rebounds, 3 steals (four deflections). I also hit a couple 3’s which I have not done in a few games so that was good for the confidence. I have been averaging about 32 minutes of play. I feel like I’m finding myself with this team and I think we have a great chance to make a deep run.

Also, this link is to the webcast of the game so anyone who wants to watch to formal Butler Bulldogs go head to head in Sweden just click the link..

I’m going to take a week off from writing the blog so the next entry will be in 2008. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

This is BC gone for now

(some great pictures of Holiday lights)

(my favorite quote has to be miss south carolina's)

(Christmas is always about giving)

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Anonymous said...


sorry to hear about you having the flu.

congrats on beating thomas jackson's team.

enjoy the holidays! :)

Big AL