Dec 13, 2007

Keep This Train Movin'

Hello Everyone,

This week started out great with a visit to the chiropractor for my neck. I took a charge on the team’s best player to draw his third foul before half, but I paid for it as well. It was another great massage and then the doctor set my neck in place at the end. I’m defiantly going to try and take advantage of these massages.

On Tuesday we headed to Boras, which is about a four hour bus ride south of Sodertalje. We scouted the team and watched video on them on the way. We also watched the Simpson’s movie. We stopped at a little restaurant / gas station in Granna. It is a small town situated around a massive lake, famous for making hard candy. We enjoyed a nice pre-game meal of meatballs and mash potatoes. I also purchased my post card here as we were headed straight to the gym. I am going to have quite a collection of post cards by the end of this whole deal.

I have not touched on the food since I have been here so I thought I would talk about that. The only Sweden dish that is at every meal is cold cabbage with oil. It looks a lot like sauerkraut, but is very delicious. At the six restaurants we get food during the week they all serve it. Greek food is also very big around here (even the pizzerias serve Greek food as well). In fact my Thanksgiving meal was lamb and rice and spaghetti for dinner (I must say I missed the cheesy potatoes, pumpkin pie, and ice cream cake). On Mondays we eat at a small Italian restaurant. Some of my favorites from there are carbonara (like Alfredo w/ bacon), chicken curry, calzone, and of course the pizzas. Tuesday and Thursday are at Greek spots. Favorites include Gyro, lamb, chicken, fish and the occasional hamburger. Wednesday we have our choice of Roxy’s or Tapco. Roxy’s is a kebab slash grill spot while Tapco is Pizza and Greek. I have always went to Tapco since it is right across the street from my apartment, favorites include pan pizza, calzones, lasagna, and fish. There is also a place called crazy town that is like a steakhouse and wok. They have lunch for two player’s everyday. I have only eaten there twice because it is downtown and I don’t really like walking (even though it is not that far). Fridays we eat at a cafeteria inside Volvo corporate offices. The good thing about this place is I am able to box some food up for the weekends. At many of the spots we eat I am able to order take away as well, so I have not been doing a lot of cooking. In case any one was wondering I am defiantly not starving here.

Friday night was spent at a teammate’s apartment and then we went to a small club downtown (we had Saturday off). We had some PR for the weekend, Saturday I had to attend a girl’s game (4th -5th graders) and pass out trophies and medals after. Sunday was the same except the game was between old men and it was like a rec. league. That was probably one of the worst hours spent, and I might even have lost some of my basketball skills just by watching this game. The funny thing was they tried to take a charge almost every time down. I mean my body is still young and I don’t try to take that many charges (one or two is good for me). They argue and yell at the refs much like all the rec. leagues in the states.

Also, our winter jackets came in Sunday. They are butler blue with the king’s logo on it. The colors of the team are green and white (not real sure where the blue came in) but it matches a LOT of my clothes. I am going to be a lot warmer walking to the gym and the store. It still has not been that brutal here and I have not seen any snow like the five inches in Indiana.

The Team

We kept the momentum from last weeks game and attacked Boras early. We played stifling defense and they were also a little off on there shots. We built a halftime lead of 45-17. That was defiantly the best half of defense we have played since I have been here. They shot 5-20 from three and had 23 Turnovers to our 8. Of course the refs tried to keep the game a little interesting in the third quarter (they shot 35 F.T.). We kept the defense up and ended up winning 89-73. Personally, I was really in sync (might need to eat meatballs and mash more often). I ended the game with 23 points (7-8 Ft.), 7 rebounds, 4 stls, and 4assists. I was very active, getting a tip in and a diving steal for a score.

This was a good road win as the team was ahead of us in the playoff picture. We will be playing the second place team on the road on Tuesday and if we can steal that one, we will be sitting nice in the playoff picture for the league. We will also be playing Thomas Jackson’s team on the 22nd.

The picture of the floor is of Boras and the restaurant is where we ate after the game. The other picture is the outside of our home gym.

This is BC gone for now

P.S.- I decided I will start including one or two things of interest, funny, or just plain random at the end of the blog. This link is to the top ten words that were added to the English Dictionary for 2007.


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! Great game stats,you know I love those!! Talk to you soon. Mom

Anonymous said...


keep playing hard and winning games.

good luck against Thomas Jackson.

Big AL

Anonymous said...

Good to read your notes ,I and grandma can hardly wait until next time
PS we have not started Christmas shopping yet Butler looked good on saturday. Love you

Anonymous said...

Great game! Keep it up.
enjoy those massages, take it easy on the old guys...some of us are.

good luck tues. will be following the game on the net.

Anonymous said...

not able to vote on colts superbowl poll.

Anonymous said...

We're all behind you back in Indy!
Keep it up Brandon!!