Dec 6, 2007

Finally, A WIN!!!

Hello Everyone,

It is always easy to start off by talking about the weather, but the only thing is it has not changed. It still rains almost every day with little visibility to blue skies or the sun. I really can’t believe that Indiana has seen more snow this year then I have. I probably should not speak too soon as there is still a long time left in the winter months.

This week was really the most uneventful one I have had since I have been overseas. I am trying to work up some courage to go and talk to the construction workers who feel they must start work at 7:30 in the morning and quit by 9:30. I honestly have no idea what they do every morning accept wake everyone up in the apartments. I watched two seasons of the TV show Scrubs (my new addiction). I also received word that my Aunt has had her third baby. It was a girl, they named it Jordan. That brings the total grandchildren on the Crone side to 23 (with another one the way). My grandparents have no idea what to do with themselves, that is a lot of spoiling. I have also been reading a book about health called “You, the owner’s manual”. It goes through a mini crash course of the anatomy of the body and how to keep it healthy and young. It has been very interesting and I would recommend it. Another very random thing that happened this week was when I was watching “funniest home videos”. There was a family from Frankfort, IN who won second place for their video.

Butler also suffered their first loss to Wright State (I believe that is the 8th loss in a row there). I watched over the internet while talking to an old teammate, while he watched as well. Felt like the bulldogs had no energy or fire. It defiantly made me miss playing college ball with my old teammates.

The Team

Defiantly the best thing that happened this week was getting my first professional win during the regular season. The competitor in me really needed this win. It is remarkable what a win in sports can do to people’s emotions. It seems to make everything automatically better (the opposite holds true for a loss).

The team we played is one of the worst in the league, but we needed a big victory for the spirits of the team. Like I have stated earlier we are a young team and I feel we needed a confidence boost. Akropol had two really good players, a forward from America who scored 31 and a center who scored 27. Basketball is a team sport and we were able to hold everyone else in check. I believe we had 5 people in double figures. I scored 15 and had 6 rebounds along with 1 steal and 4 assist. We had them down by 10 a number of times before they battled back and actually took the lead by one. Then we went on a 15-1 run and ended up winning by 14. We go on the road on Tuesday and our center will be arriving at the end of the week.

I had a question regarding my teammates and where they have played before. There are only 3 teammates that have played outside of Sweden. We have an older 4 man (who is leaving when Greg arrives) that played in Georgia at a small Division 2 school and has played in multiple places in Europe throughout his career. Also we have 2 guards that have played professional basketball elsewhere. Thomas is from Sodertalje, but has played in Spain before returning to Sweden to play for a couple years. He will most likely be leaving Sweden next year to move up to a higher league. We also have another veteran guard from Russia who has played in a number of different leagues in Europe, but never in America. All the other players are under 25 and really have little experience in playing professionally (including me;).
P.S. I forgot to get a picture of our home gym but will get that in here next time.

This is BC gone for now

I Copied this off the Butler message board but changed the faces.. you all should enjoy.. Happy Holidays from last years Butler Seniors and Coach


Anonymous said...


congrats on the win! good luck this week.

tough loss for the dawgs but they'll bounce back and beat fsu on saturday.

Big AL

Jake Skierkowski said...

Glad everything is going well for you over there. Keep the blog rolling... I enjoy reading it and it keeps me sane during class.

-Jake Ski