Jan 13, 2008

5th and climbing

Hello Everyone,

Another week is complete here in Sweden, and it was very successful. I’m sure many are disappointed in Indiana as our beloved colts were defeated today at home (never good to lose in the playoffs when you’re at home). Now I have to suffer through reading all the articles about how good the patriots are (I will probably just stay off ESPN for a while).

Morgan made it back to the states, but not without delays and missed planes. I think flying has become more of a headache then ever. Not just with extra security precautions, but with long delays, late planes, or engine troubles. I need to figure out how to run an airline that has none of these problems or just develop teleporting.

I spent Saturday at our manager’s brother’s house. He lives about 10 minutes outside of Sodertalje and has a beautiful house. I’m not exactly sure what he does but he is associated with one of the big factories in the city. He is also big into motor cross having five bikes in a separate garage. He also has a nice sauna and Jacuzzi which was the main reason we went out there. It was two teammates and myself, I would love to do that everyday. It ranks right up there with the hotel I sneaked into in Ireland.


We traveled on another five hour bus trip to play Gothia. They are in the bottom bunch of the league, but we had every excuse to lose as we arrived very late to the game. We had about 20 minutes to change and warm up from a long trip like that. Luckily we did not use it as an excuse and came out and played well. We were tied at 44 at halftime, but it felt like we were in control the entire game. We came out in the second half and took control early on pushing our lead up to as much as 11. We outlasted them in the fourth and ended up wining by 20. We have a very deep team which will help drastically in the playoffs as most teams are not as deep as us. We had 7 guys in double figures and most games we have at least five.

I had a solid game scoring 15, 4 rebounds, 3 assists, 1 steal, and a huge charge. I have been shooting the three at a good percentage 36% (no Pete Campbell) along with my free throws at almost 80%. The floor was one of the worst in the league, it was basically concrete, but they did have the nicest rims (ironic).

We have to wait an entire week to play a very big home game as we have moved up to 5th place in the league and play the 4th place team. They beat us prior to Greg and I coming here. Brandon McKnight from Purdue scored 24 points in the first half in the last match up. It will be a great test for us as we have been playing defensively really well. After this week long delay we will be playing every third or fourth day until the end of the season. I’m going to enjoy this week as much as I can before the horse race to the end begins!!

This is BC gone for now

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Anonymous said...


keep playing hard and good luck this week.

very disappointed about the COLTS! :(

Big AL