Jan 20, 2008

Big Games

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to figure out if I’m really in Sweden. All I was told is how cold and how much snow they get. In fact many of my teammates made fun of me the first couple weeks I was here because I did not bring a winter jacket (I was hoping the team issued one, they did). It is almost the end of January and I have only seen one snow fall and only a couple days where I would consider it really cold. I think I would have made it through the winter without a huge jacket. I have been hearing many of my family and friends saying how cold it is at home and I just kind of laugh because I thought I would be complaining with them (all I have had to complain about is how early it gets dark). Of course that will probably all change in February and they will get the most snowfall ever.

It was a very relaxing week where I watched a lot of the new released movies. I am becoming an expert in movies only because I watch about 2 a day. This week should fly by as we have 3 games in 7 days, one of them on the road up north. We head to the airport on Tuesday to fly up to Jämtland. It is a very critical game as many of them are becoming. Hopefully I will get some good pictures as I have none to add this week.


The short win streak we put together was stopped by a 3 point home loss on Saturday. It was not a huge deal that we lost because the team was ahead of us in the league, but we need every win at this point to stay in the playoff hunt. We started the game very sluggish having 10 turnovers in the first quarter (ended with 16). We sharpened up playing a very solid defensive game. Both teams had runs, but in the end they made the shots at the end to win the game.

Personally it was the worst shooting game I have had since being here. I was 3-11 and ended the game with 9 points, 7 rebounds and a couple assists. Solna has Brandon McKnight who played at Purdue. I knew him before coming here because we played together in the summer. He scored 23 but really did not shoot that well either I believe he was 4-11 (5-17 overall) from three. The refs seemed to like to bail him out a little on drives as well. He has played well in this league averaging 23 points.

We don’t have any time to worry about this game as the team we play on the road Tuesday is behind us by one game. It is a very important game, but as I mentioned earlier they are all becoming must wins especially if the team is below us in the standings witch 2 out of our next 3 are.

Random notes: this week in practice my elbow ran into one of my teammate’s forehead and he had to get 4 stitches.

Butler went 1-1 and now they are 17-2 and 6-2 in conference play!

Great Debaters and Charlie Wilson’s War are great movies.

This is BC gone for now


Anonymous said...


enjoy your week.

good luck with the games.


Big AL

Anonymous said...

funny video's Dunham is hilarious.
good luck this week. mentor yoour team play each gamelike it will be your last

Anonymous said...

love ya

Anonymous said...

tell TJ we (Butler fans) all say hi. good luck to you BC! keep putting up your 15 points and 7 boards a night and all will be right.