Feb 10, 2008

Getting comfortable

Hello Everyone,

We got two big wins to extend our streak which I will talk more about in the team section, but I did suffer one loss this week at the hands of some 3rd and 4th graders. We did another PR visit where we ran a gym class for the kids. We had them do some shooting drills and play 3 on 3 a little. At the end, Johan (a teammate) and I played the 11 Boys and Girls. I brought all I had scoring our only 2 points, but it was not enough as my teammate did not come through and we fell 5-2. It was a good loss kept our heads from ballooning up because of this win streak.

We have started playing twice a week every Tuesday and Friday and it continues out this way for the next 11 games which means not a lot is going on besides trying to get the body back up and ready to play again. I did notice one thing this week as I was watching a girl’s game before one of our practices. They were around 7th and 8th graders and they were playing with a shot clock (24 seconds). This is probably the same through out Europe which made me wonder if High schools should have a shot clock. I don’t think I agree with having only 24 seconds, but I think they should put the 35 second shot clock in High school games. It will help keep the pace of games going esp. in those small town games where the score could wind up being 16-14 or something crazy like that. It would only help college freshmen to adjust easier having already played with the pressure of getting a shot up. I am interested in the opinions of some of the readers so if you would not mind voting on the poll to your right (that is not an advertisement mother!)

Not sure how many are NBA fans (prob, not many), but I watched Boston and Spurs at a teammates house tonight and I was very impressed with how both teams played defense and with a lot of intensity. Boston won the game with out Garnett and I think I like there chances for the title this year.


As I mentioned we won two more games this week extending our win streak to 6 in a row and 7 out of the last 8. We have moved ourselves into fourth place and 2 games behind second. We have 11 games left before the playoffs begin, 6 at home and 5 on the road. Our greatest strength is still that we play as a team, we play defense, and we have a deep bench. We have 6 guys who are putting up double figures every game. It should be no surprise from the system I came from that I would only enhance the “TEAM” aspect, but Greg has also come from a program where they know how to play as a team and play off each other. A lot of these teams have two Americans who come in and are purely looking to score. I understand that there is pressure on the foreigners to score or go home, but I firmly believe you can do that with out gunning every time down.

Akropool was a tough game on the road, but we were able to contain there main scorer to 16 and grind out a win. There guard played really well having a triple double, but was really there only player that night. Boras was a home game in which was also a nail biter. Their big American broke his hand after attempting to block my shot and his teammate took out his legs. They have a lot of shooters and shot very well the second half.

Personally, I had my best shooting week going 6-10 from the three point line and scoring 20 points on the road on Tuesday and 19 at home on Friday. I have also been able to keep my defense up adding to my steal total and drawing a couple charges.

We play the Boras again, we played them on Friday at home, and then we head to the 2nd place team in the league (Sundsvall). We have lost to them both times this year and there is a very big match up for me. I will have to try and contain the All-star game MVP (Alex Wesby from the states). I got in foul trouble in the first match up.

Butler is now 21-2 and is two games away from tying the best start in school history which we set last year!

Lego turns 50 years old! some cool lego sculptures!

This is BC gone for now


Anonymous said...


glad your team is doing well and you're playing awesome.
keep up the good work.


Butler is 21-2..i'm sure it was just a typo.

Big AL

Anonymous said...

love the photos
the interview on bubeats.com
was good too.
take care of yourself with alot of swedish massages.

Anonymous said...

Hi Brandon,
Glad to see you are doing well. Enjoy reading about all going on over there with you. Take care and hi from Adam.
Mark & Kathy