Feb 18, 2008

Welp, Life Happens

Hello Everyone,

I would like to apologize to my avid Sunday readers for not getting the blog out there on time. I hope I did not ruin anyone’s Sunday by not getting to read what’s going on in my life (only kidding). I am late because I spent the night at a teammate’s house as we waited till 2:30 AM for the NBA All-Star game.

Many of you are probably wondering why in the world I would stay up till 5 am to watch that game which would be a very logical question considering last years horrific game. This year was actually really entertaining and very competitive and I’m glad I made the choice to watch it. I am just amazed at how talented and athletic many of those players are. They have to be some of the most gifted athletes to do many of the things they do. Not sure if many of you watched the dunk contest as well (I’m sure you saw highlights all over ESPN), but it also was one of the best it has been in a while. Although there were many deserving dunks that I would give a ten to, I would have to say my favorite was when Gerald Green dunked between his legs without shoes. It is hard enough to dunk without shoes let alone through the legs, I was pretty amazed. It makes my picture of a dunk look like middle school!!!

After all the chairs, scoreboards, pads, baskets, bleachers, tables, cheerleaders, and whatever else I could dive into I have suffered my first injury that has made me miss my first games in about 4 years. Out of all injuries that could have happened, like a concussion or broken wrist it is only a torn hamstring. Which I must admit I’m relieved it is nothing more, but at the same time a little disappointed at the timing. I have been playing really well averaging 17 in the last 5 games and had gotten my three point % up to 43%. It happened when I was going for a steal at half court. I was standing on the opponents three point line when they lobbed it to half court. I sprinted over and knocked the ball out of bounds. I was sprinting so hard that I was going to wipe the small scores table with three people and the computers all out. I attempted to stop and my hamstring was not ready for that move. I initially did not think it was torn, just thought sprained. I reentered the game after a short break, and quickly realized when I tried to do a step back shot. It is very high in the muscle and I should hopefully be able to return in about a week in a half. I will be doing treatment twice a day.

Treatment consists of acupuncture and massages. I’m not real sure how effective this method is and I am a little nervous with how they handle medical issues here. They never actually gave me an MRI to see how bad the tear was only ultrasound to see how much blood was in there. I am not a professional in any medical field so I am just going to follow what they say until I realize it is working or not working. When I hope to return we will be making a final push into playoffs.


On the floor it was not a good week for the kings. I got injured in the first half of our Tuesday game against Boras. I was playing really well up to that point, going 3-3 from 3. The second half was a disaster as we played with little injury or intensity, but still had a chance to win at the end. We ended up losing by 3, but still remained fourth in the league as all the teams below us also lost. Friday was a different story.

The team was in Sundsvall to play the 2nd place dragons. I did not make the trip as they thought a five hour bus ride there and back would not be a good thing for the hamstring. All I know is the game did not go as we wanted. We lost by 30 and from what I heard from the team we were lacking intensity again and also could not score. One stat that should stand out is the team shot 20-65 from the field!! That will not win you too many games at any level.

Up next for the kings are two huge home games. One against Jämtland on Tuesday, who are making a late push to stay in contention of the playoffs and a loss would really set us back. Then on Saturday we play Stockholm 08. They have moved to 4th in the league after winning on Friday. If we want any chance to go into the playoffs in 4th place we will need to win these 2 games or we will end up fighting just to get in. What a difference 2 games can make!

The team is also bringing in a replacement player for me while I try and recover. It actually just worked out where my agent had a player who was leaving France and flying back to the states. In Sweden you only have till the 28th to make any changes and if my injury were to last longer then we would need a player. He will be here for 2 weeks and hopefully can help and not disrupt the team.

My record at Butler of the “best start of a season” 23-2 fell this past weekend as Butler peat Cleveland State to move to 24-2. I can’t be too mad I guess it just means Brian and I did one heck of a job of leading last year and taught this group everything they needed;) But seriously it is defiantly nice to see the winning continue and hopefully they can take the program farther then it has ever been!

This is BC gone for now


Anonymous said...


hope the acupuncture and massages help your hamstring.

good luck this week and win some games!


Big AL

Anonymous said...

i´ve heard that in sweden they have the best medicalsystem in the world, so i don´t think that u have to be worried.

but thats only what i´ve heard.

/u want me kill u?