Feb 24, 2008

Hello Everyone,

Well I just finished up my breakfast for dinner. I cooked up some bacon, potatoes and some pancakes that my mother sent me. If you are wondering if Sweden has pancakes they do, but I have tried to make them and they turned out terrible. I could not read the directions well, but you only had to mix water with it instead of the normal egg and milk. I’m using this time off with my injury to beef back up since I have lost so much weight in Europe. I’m also lifting really hard again and gaining back some of my strength.

My leg is progressing, but not as fast as I would like. I have been doing treatment twice a day, everyday. We started out with acupuncture which I have never had before. I’m not very good with needles to begin with. I would rather put the snoopy band-aid on and act like I got the flu shot then actually go through the 2 minutes of pain and 30 mins of soreness. It really was not that painful, but there were a couple spots where it felt like he could not get it through the skin and it was a little painful. About half way through the week we started massage once a day with acupuncture as well. The pain has been decreasing every day so that is good. We have also started trying to get strength back up in it working on a machine called a Power Plate. It vibrates while you stand on it and do squats and other exercises on it. It is actually pretty hard and I will continue to do that twice a day. The doctor is going to evaluate it on Wednesday and then we will know where we stand with everything. Right now I’m pretty confident that I will be back about 2 games before playoffs and then into the playoffs. I’m also trying my best to be patient with it so I don’t come back to early and re injure it far worse. I’m not very good with that whole patience thing especially watching the games this week I wanted to be back so bad. We will make the decision on Wednesday rather or not I can stay and get well in time for playoffs. Like I stated above I’m very confident that that can happen, but if for some reason I would not be able to the team would pick up Darryl.

Darryl is the American that was playing in France and has the same agent as myself. I picked him up from the airport on Monday night and he has been staying with me on the couch. He has the “sling box” which is the device that allows you to watch your home TV on you computer. It is a pretty cool deal and something I will def. invest in this summer before coming back over. He was in a very similar situation as me when I was in France. It is his first year out and he was the only American on the team as well and head butted with the new GM. He came here only to play a couple games just to give us another option. He played well his first game shooting 6-7 from the field and scoring 16. He will play on Tuesday for us as well and that will prob. be his last game as I will anticipate getting the clearance to start light practicing and rejoin the team.

The Team

We won both games this past weekend which put us back into the 4th position. We have basically sealed up a playoff spot even if we dropped every game from here on out (don’t see that happening). We played a struggling J√§mtland team on Tuesday that just fired there head coach. We had them down 22 in the second quarter but let them back in the game and pulled out a 3 point win. It would have been a terrible loss for us if we let it slip.

Saturday we played our rival, 08 Stockholm. They are the team that is tied with us at 15-11 but we are 4th since we have beat them twice now. We dominated the game from the jump with great defensive pressure and intensity and won by 21. It was one of those games that was really fun to watch and really made me want to be back on the floor.

Jonathan (our leading scorer) did not start due to an incident during practice in which he punched our other big guy. They have been going at each other all year and I guess it just finally boiled over. He apologized to the team and we have moved on from it. I guess it kind of fired him up as he scored 30 points in only 20 minutes of play.

We play Tuesday and Friday of this week. There are 7 regular season games left and we go on the road for 4 of them. I will be going through some intense rehab this week so we can see where the leg stands.

This is BC gone for now


Anonymous said...


hang in there with recovering from your injury. very soon you'll be back on the court.

congrats on your team making the playoffs! :)

Big AL

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. looking forward to you returning to the court. It sounds as though you are using this off time wisely...go time for a rest prior to the playoffs. we will be watching.