Mar 2, 2008

Bad timing, too big a risk

Hello Everyone,

It is official, my first season as a professional basketball player has come to an end. I will be flying home next Sunday, March 9th. There were just too many risks with staying with me. The doctor projected me being out another week or two before I even start practicing, and then once I start practicing it would take another week to get back in game shape. That is if there were no setbacks with the hamstring. It also did not help that our leading scorer went down with a badly sprained ankle and will also be out about a week or 2. The club had a real tough decision and no one wanted to see me go, but the last day to make changes was last Thursday. They could not risk dropping the next six because that would put them in very bad shape heading into playoffs. I am completely fine with the decision and understand why they made it. The club is also going to honor the contract including the first round of playoffs which is very generous of them considering an injury results in only 70 or 80% of the contract. Everyone involved in the basketball community here has been very generous in thanking me and they loved how I played. I played a big role in brining back the defense intensity the fans are used to here, along with some great offensive games. I have plenty of great game films to get me another job next year.

This is not what I envisioned when I first hurt myself. I had originally thought it was only a minor sprain and tried to go back in the game on it. That decision is what probably made my hamstring even worse. I will be getting an MRI tomorrow to see how bad the tear is. It has been over two weeks now but I asked if the team would get me one so I could have some peace of mind myself going back home. The team will be traveling to Gothia tomorrow and Tuesday so I will be using that time to pack.

I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason. Now I will focus on the Hot Dog Festival and try and make that a great event. Also, catch some of Butler’s last games in the tourney. Since the blog has the poll feature I figured I will see how often I should update the blog while I’m off for the summer! Next Sunday’s blog will be a reflection of my first year overseas.

Last week I was still involved in a team camp that the club puts on for the kids. It was a three day camp where they do drills in the morning and games in the afternoon. It seemed to be very successful. The team had Saturday off so we used it to hang out a little. We went out to Stockholm Friday night after the team victory. It is the first time we have went out to any bars or clubs in Stockholm since I have been here. We had a great time, although we did have to wait in line at a lot of places to get in. Some of the places don’t close until 5 AM. I have made some really good friends here and I’m sure our paths will cross again. The coach also said he would fly me back if the team makes it to the finals.

The Team

The Team has continued to play very well and won both games last week. The three man who was playing behind me has really stepped up his play since I went down. It is good to see because he is a great guy and has a lot of potential. I like to think I taught him well, but I’m sure that’s not the case. The team has almost locked up 4th place and would be opposite of the team who has given us the most fits. There are only 5 games left until the playoffs begin.

This is BC gone for now


Anonymous said...

Good luck and all the best to you Brandon. Hope you have safe travels back to the states.

Anonymous said...


sorry to hear that your first pro season is coming to an end.
wish you could have played with your team in the playoffs.

enjoy reading your blog and look forward to future updates.

hang in there.
see ya in indy! :)

Big AL

Anonymous said...

Looking Forward to your safe arrival back in the U.S of A

the Family