Apr 7, 2008

Quick Update!

Hello Everyone,

I have been home for about a month now. I guess I did not pay attention to the poll since I am just now updating the blog. You never know how much you miss home until you return. I believe I have gained about 10 pounds since I have been home so that is a plus. Many people would prob. think the opposite but I was getting pretty slim. My mother said she not making any more dinners because she is not used to eating like me (I hope she was kidding).. I have been all over the place since returning.

The flight home was excellent except for the guy who was trying to lie all over me. I made it back in time to see Butler win the Horizon league tournament. It was very enjoyable to see the team get that done. Of course it did not help there seeding much which was a completely different story. I really thought they were going to pull out the Tennessee game. They had a great year and have nothing to be ashamed off. They were apart of the two most successful seasons in butler history. I also took a little road trip to St. Louis, Memphis, and Nashville. That was quite a lot of driving but the yellow jeep came through (1,100 miles I believe). It will be an easy April as I will just be contacting sponsors and working out to get back in shape.

The hamstring seems to be mostly healed and I will be testing it a lot this week. I still have plenty of time but I would like to really have a great summer. I have been talking with some of the butler seniors about my experience and my agent. It would be pretty cool to get on the same team with any of them. It sounds like Pete and Mike will be the two trying to continue playing.

The Södertälje kings have moved into the semi finals and plays the team we had the most fits with during the season.

Till next time!

This is BC gone for now

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Anonymous said...


glad you're home safe and sound, enjoying your mother's cooking, and having fun travelling all over the midwest and south.

disappointing 2nd round butler loss but a great 30-4 season!!

Big AL