May 19, 2008

Has it been two weeks?

Hello Everyone,

I think the poll voted for me to update the blog every two weeks in the summer. As you can see I have not been able to keep up with that pace. I don’t believe I have stayed in the same place three nights in a row yet. Workouts, Washington D.C. trip, and the BC classic have kept me pretty busy.

The Hamstring feels like it is a 100% and I have been back in action close to three weeks now. I started working with a strength and conditioning coach who owns Pur-athlete. It is a supplement company offering products that have no banned substances. I got hooked up with him through my agent and was working on fixing my hamstring, but I also liked the things we were doing so I decided to stay with him all summer. I also have been working out basketball wise with some of the assistant coaches at Butler and at home. It has been nice because Pete Campbell from Butler signed with my agent so he and I have been able to workout together. The recruiting or viewing process is also starting this week as a coach from Ukraine will be at a workout on Wednesday to look at us. I’m pretty open to play anywhere again. I will not be heading back to the team in Sweden. There are a couple reasons for this. The first being I would like to move up to a bigger league and also they are looking for a center and guard. A quick side note on the Sodertalje team is they lost in the semi-finals and Solna (the team with Brandon McKnight from Purdue) won it all.

Some random news is I am now engaged to Morgan who I have dated for almost six years now. The wedding is not scheduled until 2010 because of me playing overseas and also she will be finishing up school and rotations next summer. Morgan and I took a trip to D.C. with my second dad for police week. They have a candle light vigil and a memorial service on the capitol lawn. Both services were very cool and we were lucky enough to have V.I.P. seating for the service on the lawn. Also while we were out there we took a tour through the capitol building and also toured all over the city on the old trolley. It was Morgan’s first time to D.C. and she loved it. We stayed in old town Alexandria which is a really cool place as well. If you are ever there I recommend eating at the chart house which is a seafood place that has one of the best salad bars I have ever seen. Also, a place I would not recommend is the national aquarium. It is in the basement of the Hoover building and cost five dollars. You would be better off spending that five dollars anywhere else in the city, even giving it to a homeless man would give you greater satisfaction. Overall it was a whirlwind of a trip as we left Tuesday evening and returned Friday morning, but it was a very cool trip.

The BC 3 on 3 classic is shaping up very well. I should have brochures out by later this week. If anyone who reads this knows of players who would like to play please let me know. I have been trying to get sponsorships and it has been going very well. I believe there are a lot of potential sponsors who are interested so just waiting to here back from them. I am very excited about this event and should be a very cool environment with current and past Butler players officiating some of the courts and just being there.

I have a couple of trips coming up, one to Florida where Julian and I will be visiting Brian Ligon, A family trip to Tennessee and another one to West Virginia. My younger brother graduates on Saturday. Things will be picking up fast and I’m ready for some more summer weather.

Until next time!

This is BC gone for now

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Anonymous said...


good update on how things are going for ya.

congrats to you and morgan! :)

have fun on the trips and enjoy your brother's graduation.

Big AL