Sep 28, 2008

Let the Season begin

Hello Everyone,

I guess I have to start off by talking about the big win. We opened up the season on Saturday with a home game against a good team with a good reputation. We were a big underdog from what I understood. That is why you play games right, no one wins championships on paper.

We started off pretty slow, I think it had a lot to do with the nerves and excitement. They ran off to an early 10 point lead and kept it most of the first into the second quarter. We started a little run in the second and evened the score before they hit a last second shot to go into halftime. The second half started out much like the first were they built an early lead. We closed the gap in the fourth and it was a very entertaining fourth quarter. The lead changed hands all the way to the end of the game where they missed a game winning three from one of there best shooters. Kevin hit 2 free throws to put us up by two with three seconds left before they missed the shot.

Personally, I had a decent game. I came off the bench and picked up a foul the very first play (they made the shot too). Then I came down and airballed a floater. I was thinking it was going to be a long night, but I settled down and knocked down 2 threes in the first half. The second half was much better as I hit two more threes and scored a couple baskets along with a steal. I finished the game with 17 points. The disappointing thing was my foul shots where I was 1-3. We travel 10 hours on Tuesday to play on Wednesday. I defiantly like the start of the season where we play two games a week.

Outside of basketball it was a very good week. One of the big events of the week was playing a game with the sponsors in front of some fans. It was pretty comical to see some of these ppl try to play. I have never seen basketball look as bad as these guys made it look. My team was on the losing end of the game, but it was fun none the less.

It was also a good week for food as Armando (Greek chef) cooked another fabulous meal. I also gave an attempt at being a chef when I made some fish stuffed with spinach/cream cheese. I also cooked up some lightly fried garlic fish one night. Growing up dinner was usually homemade and it was conversation hour so I’m usually the most homesick when I sit down to these WONDERFUL meals I make;)

I also tried out two restaurants in town. An Italian place called Bella Vista and The Grill House. Bella Vista was the place we ate after the game. It was pretty good except the portion was pretty small for an Italian restaurant or maybe Maggiono’s spoiled me. Sunday the guy who picked us up from the airport (Michael) invited Drew and I to dinner and chose the grill house. This was also a really good meal of some pork steak and potatoes. I also forgot to mention that I ate at a Chinese restaurant last week that was pretty good. It was like any other Chinese restaurant you go to with out a buffet where you just hope to get the right thing. It is kind of like playing the lottery because sometimes you are going to get something you really like and the next time you may get some thing you hate.

Until next time!

This is BC gone for now


Anonymous said...


congrats on the big win! :)

keep practicing your free'll pay off for you very soon.

i'll be going to Maggiano's for the first time this week.

Big Al

Anonymous said...

great start! play hard every night.
be sure to entertain and involve the crowd!
what do you need from USA as a care package?
The C fam.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Brandon Crone in Poland~~
This electronic age in which we live still amazes me. Hearing your voice--if I recognize it--is the result of the technology we enjoy--when it works!
Just wondered if you and Loren are competing in a who-has-the-neatest-beard contest.
Hope all is well with you and your efforts are rewarding.
Miss K

Karen said...

Beard's cute

Lv ya Karen