Sep 17, 2008

The champs are here!

Hello Everyone,

Well I have to start out by correcting the last post where I stated that it was a 14 hour trip, Coach was sure to point out to me that it was only 13 hours. Apparently he reads the blog to make sure I’m not saying anything about him. It was the longest bus trip I believe I have been on. I mean I could have flew home and been half way back. The trip was not terrible, we watched a couple movies, one called almost famous that I have never seen but was really good. When we got into Czech there were some nice views as we drove through mountains and valleys. We stayed at a “Club Tennis Hotel” which was like any other hotel only that it had like 8 clay tennis courts and a stadium court as well. I saw on the wall where they had some past winners for the Nokia cup, the only name I recognized was Martina Hingis.

The gym we played in was right down the street from the hotel. It was not a huge gym but the floor and goals were nice. The tournament had 4 teams from four different countries in it. Slovakia, Austria, us, and the host team (Czech Republic). We really never had a much of a challenge blowing out all three teams by over 20.

Friday we played the Slovakian team that had one American as there point guard. They were not on our level at all as we breezed through winning by 40 some points. I put a good game together scoring 17 points in a variety of different ways. There really is not much I can say about this game only that we are starting to really gel as a team.

Saturday we played the host team who had a decent team. I believe they had three Americans, the one most people would know is Shaun Pruitt from Illinois University. We played an even first half I believe taking a one point lead into halftime. The third quarter we came out and jumped on them and put the game away early. I believe we outscored them 25-5 in the third quarter. I got off to a fast first half again scoring nine points, but ended the game with that as well. Again I believe our defense is really going to be the key to our victories. I’m not 100% on the stats but I think only one team has scored more then 70 points against us.

We had already locked up first place in the tournament before Sunday unless the team could beat us by over 50 points. The good thing was we did not take that for granted and came out a played another well executed game winning by 21 points. I played well defensively, but the shot was a little off again in this game. I was 1-4 from three and like 2-5 from the 2 finishing with 8 points. They gave us a basket of goodies and a Vase for a trophy. It looked like they went and took it out of an old ladies house of course emptying the water and flowers first. Kevin Hamilton was the MVP also getting a basket of goodies.

Even though the teams were not on our level yet we still put together three good games together which is the perfect time as we have one of the biggest games to start the season on Saturday. The team is called Anwil and is considered to be a contender come playoffs. It is home which is good since we have traveled every weekend this preseason. If we keep playing the defense the way we have shown and play together on the offensive end I believe we can also be a contender for the title.

Until next time!

This is BC gone for now


Anonymous said...


glad you and your team are playing well and winning games.

have a good week.

Big AL

Anonymous said...

Yessssss! I just figured out how to post comments, now im fired up! I have one question for you though???? Do the buses you guys travel on have bathrooms?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

You are correct,
Its Boogie, hello Brando!