Sep 14, 2008

Something is going to go right!

Hello Everyone,

Maybe some of you noticed the video tours I posted, which means I finally got internet in my apartment. I’m sure the videos would have been better without the commentary. The internet is called I-plus which is like a sprint card you plug into your computer. It is handy especially on road trips, but the down side is it is not very strong. I tried to fix this by updating it to the newer version they have out and I accidentally deleted the whole program. I do not have the software for the program so who knows how long it will take to get that back up and running so I’m back in “Crazy Park”.

The week was pretty low key, but did include a very good dinner at coach’s friend’s house. The coach, two other teammates, and I went over to the Greek chef’s house. He works on a charter boat as a chef and married a polish woman which is what brought him to Poland. He cooked us some spiced up pasta noodles with potatoes and “sweet water” fish. I guess that is how fresh water translates into English. We also had some white wine which reminded me of Loren. When he worked at Flemings he had to memorize which wines went with what. Well anyway this wine was good with the fish. For the most part I have just been cooking at home trying to save some of the money. I really miss the free meals in Sweden. The coach has mentioned something he is trying to work out where we would get like one or two meals a week either free or very cheap. I will take either!!

We traveled this weekend for some more games. The original plan was to have a tournament at our place, but the club only invited one team. The good thing would have been we could not have finished lower then second. So anyway we ended up traveling to this team’s home gym to play in a charity game on Friday night and then play them again in the morning on Saturday. The trip was about five hours, which is not terrible but it seems like we have just been living on the road. We travel to Czech Republic next weekend which is another 14 hours or so bus ride. What makes these trips even worse is Poland does not have any interstates so you’re traveling down bumpy two lane roads through town after town. If I took the interstates for granted I will not make that mistake again.

My ankle has still been giving me trouble and I think I tried to come back too early playing in the games the weekend before. I ended up sitting out both games this weekend in attempt to get the ankle at 100%. It is not something I want to battle during the season and with it rapidly approaching I thought it would be best to rest it. It is feeling much better and I will be practicing again on Monday and playing in Tuesday game against a D-2 team AT OUR GYM.

The team played very well this weekend though. We won both games pretty convincingly. We played very good defense again and played well together. There were some highlight dunks that were Sportscenter worthy. Skip had a tip dunk on two players off a missed shot and sefton (Canadian who played at central Michigan) had a steal and a crazy dunk. There is one aspect of this team that is similar to Sweden where everyone has the potential to be in double digits every game. Five guys averaged over 12 last year and I believe there is a very good chance that there will be five or six players on this team averaging that.

I’m looking forward to getting back to practicing and playing multiple games feeling 100% and actually being able to move.

Until next time!

This is BC gone for now

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Anonymous said...


the 14 hour bus ride sounds terrible!

get healthy soon and back on the court hustling for rebounds and draining 3 pointers! :)

Big AL