Nov 2, 2008

Taking a week off!

So i will be taking this Sunday off as i just returned from Berlin and would not be able to give the blog the proper time it deserves for my loyal fans:)

You can look forward to next Sundays although it has the potential to be a big one so might want to read it after the colts but before Desperate Housewives!

Preview for next week! (so i can remember what to type about)

1. Crazy ending to the scrimmage

2. Berlin trip (stories and pics)

3. food mishaps

4. our game with Prokom (tied for first with us)

5. Anything else interesting this week

Until next time

This is BC gone for now


Anonymous said...


looking forward to next week's blog.

hope colts knock off patriots and start a long winning streak!

also enjoy watching Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters

Big Al

Patrycja_PL said...
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Patrycja_PL said...

Good luck with Prokom :) I'll be there and I will wait for 3-pointers :)

Anonymous said...


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Does he have a girlfriend?