Oct 25, 2008

Nice view from up here

Hello Everyone,

This week started off with something I have never done before, a high ropes course. The team manager owns this little tourist attraction, and with us only playing one game a week we have plenty of free time. It was an impressive high ropes course and we had a lot of fun. There are some pictures below that the second coach took for me. He had a little trouble with the camera and there were some pictures that ended up as like a 2 second video. It turned out to be a media frenzy with news cameras and some photographers. Skip was the only one to not go up on it, although I will give him credit for trying. He climbed up the first cargo net to the first ledge and could not make it past that.

This week will be very low key with a scrimmaged planned on Thursday with a division 2 team. Our next league game is not for two weeks. I’m not sure what Poland calls it but this coming weekend is a holiday for them where they celebrate the dead. I’m not exactly what that entails, but I’m sure I will find out soon. Drew and I are planning to go to Berlin this coming weekend to do some sight seeing. We will prob. get a hotel for Friday and Saturday night. So if any of the readers have been to Berlin and would like to suggest something please feel free.

Our game on Saturday was much like the weekend before where we dominated much of the game leading by 20. Then we tried to let them back in it when they cut the lead down to six with about 3 minutes to go. We made the plays and came up with the win. Tony Weeden the player from Indianapolis actually joined this team after his team folded so we saw him again. He had a very good game shooting and was the person that almost brought them back.

I shot 1-4 from the field (1-3 from 3) ending with 3 points. As soon as I entered the game I knocked down a three. Then I had another look on the fast break and rushed it. The third three was with two seconds left and I just had to get it up there. All three shots came with in the first 3 minutes of me being in the game, and then I just disappeared. I’m still trying to figure how to fit into this offense to get a few more shots. I’m going to look at the game film and just keep trying to improve. The great thing is we are winning so I can’t complain too much.

Since this is a short blog I thought I would give you my top 10 list of things I wish I had or could fix here in Poland!

1. An elevator- I live at the top of the apartment building which means I have to climb over 60 stairs at least 2 times a day (I workout enough I don’t need any extra).

2. A dryer- I hate the feeling of the socks, they are so hard and dry.

3. A higher light- the light in the kitchen was hung in there for ppl. 6 feet and shorter, I hit my head at least twice a week.

4. A car- I’m doing fine without one but it would be nice to go to the store on my terms plus I’m like my grandpa and love the Sunday drives to no where.

5. lettuce- They do not have salad like I’m used to, and I make a lot of cold meat sandwiches and would love a slice of lettuce on them (prob. being picky but hey I can be)

6. A bedroom- I’m not saying my bed is bad but sleeping in the living room which has four windows and big window on the patio door is not good for sleeping in.

7. Bigger TV- this is more for my ps3 because I can’t really watch much polish TV, but the screen is a little bigger then my computer.

8. Faster internet- They gave us this Iplus which works off a sim card. It is slower then dial up at times.

9. Teammates closer- most of the teammates live just a little out of walking distance (especially on my lazy days). This is a double edge sword though because I like my proximity to the gym.

10. PLAYING TIME- so I have prob. hammered this point to my readers and I apologize but I like to play!

Until next time!

This is BC gone for now


Anonymous said...


nice top 10 list..would want all of them as well.

enjoy your week and have fun in Berlin!

Big Al

D Cooper said...

Can't see the video of the appt. PLease reload sir. Thank you