Oct 19, 2008

Future Navigator

Hello Everyone,

Fall has arrived! Well actually it has been here for a few weeks now and if it is any indication to winter it will probably be a cold one.So i had a picture in front of my apartment of the leaves and trees, but some how I erased it before it made it here.

I participated in my first ever step class, the whole team did. It was pretty hysterical seeing all these tall guys doing some of the moves the instructor was having us do. I did not even know my hips could move that way.

I felt like I was in a 1980’s Claudia Schiffer exercise video.

I visited a high school this week with drew and one of the polish players. It is a school where they wear uniforms like the navy. The teacher who met us outside and was explaining the school said “they are preparing to be future navigators of the world.” I thought that was pretty funny. They had a table set up in the gym and it was like a media room where the kids could ask questions. They were pretty shy with asking any questions in English. So I looked over at drew and said “these kids are going to have a rough time navigating through the English Channel.” It is one of those jokes that are so bad it was funny. After the questions we played with there junior team a little bit and that was the day.

I have been eating most of my lunches at the gym. They have a restaurant at the top which gives us a discount. We pay 9 zlotes which is like 4 dollars for soup, some sort of meat and potatoes, and a small salad. The portions are a little small but when it is that cheap and good can’t complain too much. Armando the Greek chef is heading to Warsaw for a job at a restaurant. That is sad news for us as he won’t be around to cook us some more great meals. He made his final meal for us on Thursday, which included some risotto, pork, potatoes, and brussels sprouts (spelling).

We won our game Saturday by 3 points. We tried to lose it at the end. We were up by 14 the whole game and it was tied with 30 seconds to go. We got sloppy with the ball at the end and they hit some big shots. A win is a win!

It was a very frustrating game for me playing wise. I hit a three and had a couple steals in about 8 minutes of play in the first half. I did not score in the second half missing a fast break layup with a guy jumping in front of me and a three. In the last two games I have shot the ball 6 times, which for me that is ok if we are winning, but only playing 16 minutes a game is not much fun. As soon as I feel like I’m getting in rhythm like the first half I’m pulled. Then it is hard to get back in the flow late in the third or fourth. I was taught at butler to take accountability for things so I’m going to keep working on how to be productive in such little time. Hopefully I can just keep improving in practice and prove that I belong on the floor.

I’m shooting very well from 3 10-19 in five games. I have a goal to make the 3 point shooting contest during all star weekend. I also am keeping up with my goal to lead the team in steals. I am second with 7 steals in five games .

Until next time!

This is BC gone for now


Anonymous said...

Great Blog!!! Good luck in the next game on saturday. Hope you'll get more minutes. Put here more photos :D

Anonymous said...


a win is a win!

keep draining the 3 pointers! :)

Big Al

Anonymous said...

You have the right attitude. Stay focused on your objective of having the greatest effect with the least amount of time. Your Butler experience will pay dividends for you and the team. These dance classes will help on the court and back home in the clubs.

Anonymous said...

great blog!
nick,jamie and brian are on the cover of butler's student mailer that brit recieved as student recruitment. They looked like they had been playing football in the mud. we wondered where you were!

Anonymous said...

It has been awhile since I last saw you. You are really staying in good shape but a solid colar leotard would bring your eyes out more

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I have no idea what I just did but I think I erased my post...

Anyways, BC, this is Ry Lickliter. I'm actually living in Krakow for the next couple years and wanted to hit you up and see when you all play near corner of the country.


Hit me up,

SADO said...

hahah I thought first its Tomek Cielebak.