Dec 18, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy NEW YEAR!!

Hello Everyone,

On Wednesday we traveled about forty minutes to the next big city that has a team. AZK is the team we went to watch. They are our biggest rivals and you could tell as fans threw some popcorn at us as we walked in. It looked like a huge news story because when we walked into the gym there were all these camera guys snapping photos. They were probably tying to get the before shot as they anticipated fans jumping us. Luckily there were no problems, but we did leave the game with about 3 minutes left to make sure. They were playing Polpharma which is 1st in the league with a record of 11-3. They are now 11-4 as AZK beat them pretty soundly. Since I had no opinion on who won, I can honestly say that if the refs are that one sided when we play them they will be tough to beat. Polpharma had 3 guys fouled out before the fourth quarter even began including there point guard. The video below is to show everyone how loud the fans cheer over here. It is defiantly a different environment then the NBA. You can compare it to the student sections at colleges, but I think they are a little louder here and they usually pound a drum or drums all the time.

We went a little early so we could walk around the new mall they just opened about 2 weeks ago. It was very nice and had a huge food court. We decided to get a little taste of home right before we flew home so we went to Pizza Hut and had Burger King Shakes for dessert.

Drew and I found a small Irish bar that has become our new hang out spot. It is right behind the galleria downtown in kolobrzeg. Skip, drew, and I had a drink there on Tuesday after some shopping and then headed to Pizza King where they have some really good nuggets. The week flew by as we are all excited about the break and going home.

The Game

Tonight we played Gornik. They were 0-5 on the road and we did not want to give them their first win. We started the game pretty slowly, but turned it on in the second quarter building a 13 point lead going into halftime. I did not help build that lead at all. I had a horrendous first half going 0-4 from the field a picking up three fouls. I'm going to blame it on being so fired up to come home. They made a run in the third like all teams do in basketball, but we were able to make some key buckets to keep the lead around ten the whole third quarter. I finally showed up making 4-6 threes in the second half and going 5-6 from the foul line. I also picked up two big charges when they were making a run.

Drew had a huge game against Barro, who played for Marquette a couple years ago. He finished with 12 points, 14 rebounds, and 3 blocks. Kevin also had a huge game picking up 14 assists and adding to his total on steals with 4.

We had a traditional Christmas dinner after the game with people from the team and the city mayor. They had a huge spread, but mostly of food I could not eat. They had a lot of raw fish products and some periogies*spelling filled with mushrooms and cabbage.

One of the traditions is to give every one a square piece of dry bread kind of like communion. They have a picture of an angel and you go around taken a piece from other peoples and wishing a Merry Christmas. My objective was to take the smallest piece from others, as there were like 25 people with bread and give out the biggest so I could run out quickly. Somehow this plan backfired and I ended up with quite a lot left over.

We are officially first in the league in points which is huge for this team as they have never finished higher then seventh I believe. We have already surpassed the win total of all of last year.

I have been able to pick up my scoring, my 2 percent field goals, and free throw percentages the last 5 games. I have averaged around 15 points the last 5 games, and we have won them all.

I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and a Happy new year as I will not be posting again until 2009. I'm going to be enjoying this break!!

Until next time!

Did you know a rat can last longer without water then a camel?

This is BC gone for now


Anonymous said...


enjoyed your xmas blog update.

have fun over the holidays! :)

Big Al

KG said...

hello Brandon :] good blog, nice picks :] have fun over the holidays :]

mef said...

Brandon. Do you know that your story caused a big mess: one of the Polish basketball website wrote about "huge scandal in Koszalin" where Kotwica players were thrown by popcorn by Koszalin fans and it was so dangerous that you had to leave the game 3 minutes before.
Was it really so bad??? I was sitting close to you and did not see any problems.
Marry Christmas and see you on 11 oj January in Koszalin. It will be a big game :)

SADO said...

mef maybe it wasn't so dangerous but there are probs in Koszalin all the time. Once some naabs are fighting with PGE Turów coach then throwing some shit at our pupils. It is not so nice. How would you feel if your team was treated like that in Kołobrzeg? Seeya at 11. We'll see whos better.
Merry christmas Brand and a happy new year for you and your family....

fan said...

Brandon good game in last games !
props to you and all team!

mef said...

SADO: definetely it is completely unacceptable when some stupid fan (probably a kid) is throwing popcorn at anybody. But do not you find it as a storm in a teacup? I just would like to know if Brandon thinks that this situation was really so serious to name it "scandal".

SADO said...

Mef Brandon didn't wrote its a scandal. He only said that it was stupid and unaceptable. Think bout it long time and then try to make something go to make this shit going in Koszalin. Lmao at this.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Brndon, as a Kotwica's fan who hasn't missed even 1 game since last 10 years I am very proud of this team and and I want to tell you that this is a very big think for the fans of kotwica that we are now onhe 1st place...respect Brandon and please doeverything you can to make another win in Koszalin. Those idiots need to be shown where there pleace is. We will suport you with about 300 fans from Kolobrzg

mef said...

Did I write that Brandon had written that it had been a scandal? I am just trying to know his opinion if he thinks that it was so serious to name it "scandal" by this Polish website.

Nevermind. I do not want to change this blog into the second with 122 comments about throwing popcorn ;)

SADO said...

yap yap you are right. The fact is that Kotwica will win in Koszalin lol haha

Qba said...

Hey Brandon, can you post your e-mail so that I can contact you?

Anonymous said...

Hi Brandon. My name is Krys. I'm from Kołobrzeg. You are wery good player. We must win in Koszalin. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for you and your family.See you in Kołobrzeg.

Bcrone said...

Thank you for the comments from everyone!! i did not think it was a scandal and was just giving a story of how big the rivalry is. we maybe got hit with one piece of popcorn no big deal at all... we will defiantly put up are best effort the second part of the season. Koszalin is a very tough place to play as we saw with polpharma! see everyone when we return! my email is

Anonymous said...

brandon we will arrive to koszalin with us team ! we will be encouraging to the victory! do not panic we will win !

Mike said...

Nothing but win with AZS Koszalin. If we loose with them its doesn't matter. Luv all players no matter waht! Kocham tylko kotwice...sialalalala!!!

SADO said...

Qba take your peace of words here. This blog is for Brandon's Crone fans i think.

SADO said...

By the way i found something like this: hehe Julien making few shots in his last team Dombovar. NIIIICE. Brandon we have to make a movie with you making 10 trees in a row ;]

Joshiesmoov said...

Hey Crone

Dont know if you remember me - Josh - I was an Australian studying at Butler in 06. (You can check my old "Butler" blog for a pic if u cant recall). Anyways, was just Skyping with an old Butler mate (Michael Trojnar). He mentioned your blog so Ive started to read it. Great. It seems your 10months have been extended a little. Thats gr8. Ill keep reading. Later!

Joshiesmoov said...
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Anonymous said...

B Money,
what's up with photo at half court on this month's post.
love the energy you bring to the game.

SADO said...

It shows that Brandon can even score from half court haha