Dec 13, 2008


Hello Everyone,


We played Sportino at home last Saturday. They were not a strong team, only winning 5 games in the first round. These teams are always the hard games to get up for and plus there had been some problems from the front office. After a very bad first quarter we found ourselves down by 10 points.

We had a decent second quarter retaking the lead by four points into halftime. No one was happy with how we had played in the first half and it showed in the locker room at halftime. We were able to take control of the game early in the third quarter and coasted to an easy 20 point victory.

I had another strong performance scoring 14 points, 6 rebounds, 2 assists, and 1 steal. I also had one of my superman dives that I was so known for at Butler. The ball had gotten tipped out from our basket to halfcourt. They had two guys running for it and would have had a 2 on nothing fast break. I sprinted just enough to beat the guy and do an all out dive knocking the ball out of bounds. That seemed to fire us up a little bit and we made a run after it.

It was another long week of waiting where I swear I get sorer then if we were playing every other day. The two juniors who are on our team had a couple games on Monday and Thursday. Some of the teammates and I went and cheered them on as they annihilated two teams.

Drew and I also checked out a small place under his apartment called Nottingham, where they had a pool table and a bowling alley. We played some pool on the table that was decaying in front of our eyes. The pockets were sagging and would barely catch the pool balls. Some shots would require the other one to stand in the corner so the cue ball would not take out the bottles of alcohol on the wall. You also had to be careful of the office which was in the small corner with no wall covering it. I don’t thing too many people would be interested in stealing the apple I mac computer. I’m not talking about the new ones, I’m talking about the one I used in 1st grade where you could only put a floppy disk in and the mouse was just one button or a joy stick.

Food was pretty good this week, I ate most of my lunches at millennium (hard to pass on those $3 lunches). I also ate a couple meals out. One at a place called Da Vinci, I believe I mentioned it before when we ate there with Drew’s parents. They have really good pastas and pizza. Then I also ate at a place inside the mall downtown where we enjoyed a nice kebab plate.

They have a Christmas market in the middle of the city with a bunch of vendors selling many things that you will never need. One of the vendors looked like he was trying to get you to break his toys in order to get a sale. He had some of those toys that crawl or move on there own. He set them in the middle of the sidewalk, and it gets dark here at like 4 PM (pitch black). We found it rather entertaining while we were enjoying our meal to look out the window and see the people come within centimeters of stepping on the little toy soldier. Yes, that is the extent of my excitement for the week!!


We played the TV game on Sunday which was a big match up as we played Anwil who is one spot ahead of us in the standings. The game was on there court, which is the nicest “arena” we have played in. I put arena in quotations because it actual was an arena. The place resembled some college venues I have played in. All the other gyms we have played in so far are smaller then Indiana high school gyms.

We came out on fire playing well on both ends of the floor building an early 15 point lead. They did not really like that and made a run of there own and we went into halftime up two. After half we kept up our defense and our two guards had great games. Kevin scoring 25 and kiko scoring 23. our big guys played a heck of game defensively.
I played an alright game scoring 6 points, 6 rebounds, and 3 steals. I was 0-2 from three which I hate, but did make 4-4 from the line. This game was a second chance for us as we laid an egg on the last national televised game.

We are on a 4 game winning streak and can close it out with a win on Friday before we fly home. We are now in fourth place and one game back from third.

I am posting this blog while we are on the road so sorry for lack of pictures. Also next weeks post will only have the results from next Friday’s game as I will not be writing while at home. I will be taking all my time eating everything I can!!

Until next time!

This is BC gone for now


Anonymous said...


congrats on wins and keep playing hard.

have a good week

Big Al

Anonymous said...

Who says you can't go left!
Good luck Friday. Bring Home another win for the Holidays. We look forward to seeing you soon.

D Cooper said...

Can't wait yo see you buddy. Have a safe trip back here. Good luck on the next game