Jan 25, 2009

Charity GAME Fun!!

Hello Everyone,

This week started out with ANOTHER 5 hour bus trip for ANOTHER game on the road. The bus trips don’t seem to be getting any shorter, but they do seem to be going by faster now that over half the team has PSP’s (Playstation Portable). We all have the same game and can play against each other on the bus. There have been some pretty heated games. Breniu (our young Point Guard) seems to be winning a lot, but we all think he is cheating a little bit. I’m a little bias but I’m going to go ahead a say that I was the best! I’m thinking we should set up a psp tournament with the other teams in the league. Kotwica Sea wizards would definitely take gold.

We stayed outside the city in a small country hotel. When the name is translated it is something like “the stables”. They have a bunch of property where they train and keep horses. It had about 20 rooms in the two story building. It had a small restaurant where we ate our meals which were very good. The main problem with this place was the beds. I think they designed them for the jockeys who were training the horses. If you were 6 foot or over you would have a terrible time trying to sleep. They had a wooden foot rest at the end, and there was no way to stretch out. Since most of the players on this team are 6’4” or taller it made for a long night. This may have played a role into how bad we played.


We were outplayed, out coached, out hustled, out rebounded, and whatever other outs you can come up with. They played very aggressive and built a 10 point lead very quickly. We were throwing the ball to them on almost every offensive possession. We shot terrible like 5-24 from three. They did not shoot very well from three either but their big men killed us. Three of their big men were very close to double doubles. We were making mistakes defensively that we have not made all year. At times we showed flashes of our old selves but just could not overcome the deficit and ended up losing by double digits.

Personally, I felt like I was just floating out there. I had taken some medicine for my leg and I think it messed with me. I went 1-3 for two points, had a couple assists and rebounds. I did not play very many minutes, but I gave coach no reason to play me. This was probably my worst game this season. I think we all took accountability for the loss and we watched the film and will improve from the loss.

It does not get any easier in the seven games we have left, starting with next Sunday in Sopot to play the first place team in the league, Prokom. We played them tough at home going into overtime and really handing them the game in overtime. It will not be easy going into their gym, but I think we have shown we can win on the road.

We had a charity game on Saturday in a town about 40 minutes away. It is not exactly what we wanted to do on our weekend off, but we made the most of it. It was nice to have a chance to get the bad taste from the defeat we suffered earlier in the week. We played Sportino, which is a team we play again in 3 or 4 weeks.

We went there in the morning and had a practice with the kids, running them through some drills. My station was dribbling with Kevin, skip, and Shimy. I think the kids enjoyed themselves which is what counts.

During halftime of the game they had dunk and three point contests. Skip and Sefton did some dunks for the crowd. I shot in the three point contest and made 10 out of 15, which was good enough for the victory. Then at the end of the third quarter they had me shoot free throws against a fan, only I was blind folded. I really thought I would knock one down, but it didn’t happen. I received a nice bag pack that I’m sure I will regift to one of my siblings.

The game went well for us as we won by 10 with a majority of our players not playing. Kevin did not play in the second half, Dawid didn’t play at all as he is still trying to get his ankle 100%, Captain Tom only played like 5 minutes, and skip and drew set most of the second half as well. A lot of them did not want to play because the game did not mean anything. I was having fun, but was not planning on playing 36 minutes and I am hurting today. I played pretty well scoring 20 points, and having 2 dunks. That is the first time in my career that I ever had 2 dunks in one game. I wished these stats counted for the league stats that would have been a nice game for me. We stuck around after the game taking photos and signing autographs for the kids and other fans. Overall it was a fun day and got our minds of the loss!

Until next time!

“Success isn’t permanent, and failure isn’t fatal”

This is BC gone for now


SADO said...

http://polskikosz.pl/news/18871 check this out BC.

Anonymous said...


sorry about the loss

love the pics! :)

Big Al

Anonymous said...

It is a pleasure to read your blog :) I really hope you like Poland and of course Poles - we're not as bad as people say :) Anyways, greetings from Sopot from Prokom's fan:)

Anonymous said...

Brandon, I hope the team will be well motivated for Prokom. We have proved we are good enough to win with everybody. The group of fans have organized a bus so you will have our support. Lets win and sing our sialalalala GO go KOTWICA!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Brandon-you'll have a new oponent in saturday's game : http://www.euroleague.net/news/i/43136/180

Good luck-we belive in You !