Feb 2, 2009

Should of had this one!

Hello Everyone,

I will start off by saying hello to all my new polish readers! I saw that the article was run in the sports paper and also online. This probably means an extra 3 people now read my very unimportant words. Although, I did have a young fan come up to me at the charity game and say he reads it and that “it is great!” so thanks for that.

So since I have all these new polish readers, what is the deal with the pillows here? They are huge rectangles with very little “fluff” or padding. This has been my experience in every hotel along with the pillows that were in my apartment when I arrived. Every morning when I wake, my neck feels like it has been riding “The Beast” roller coaster all night! I’m sure most of the hotels we stay at our budget friendly to save the team money, but some of these pillows are worst then a cardboard box. In the states when you go to a hotel it is usual an upgrade from your normal bed. They have the best sheets, best pillows, and best comforters. One would want to spend weeks at some of these hotel beds. I’m not trying to sound like the spoiled American because trust me there are some bad hotels in America as well, but is it that hard to get some “fluff” in the pillow?

Okay on to the important stuff!

The Team

We spent the entire week practicing outside. Well technically it was inside at the high school gym, but there was very little difference from the cold outside and the cold in the gym. They rented out the gym the entire week to what looked like a job fair or some kind of conference. Of course this would happen the week of one of the most important games. We were unable to get any extra shots all week in the morning and the high school gym does not have the correct three point line. So instead of getting extra shots we were able to practice on our hand ball skills.

We left on Saturday for the game via a rental van and coach’s car. It was about a 4 hour drive to Sopot. We stopped about halfway for a touch of America, where Drew and Sefton were able to get their two favorite fast food chains in America! Pizza Hut (Drew’s) and KFC (sefton’s). We then proceeded to check into the hotel. The only way you would be able to find this hotel is by typing in “cheapest hotel in Poland”. This place looked straight out of 1950’s.

The pictures should back this claim up. I was going to give the hotel a little credit and say that the bathroom had at least been renovated, but apparently they forgot one of the most important parts, the shower head. When you turned on the shower, it sprayed about 15 different ways and none of the ways were straight. There was still hope for this place as the receptionist said they had wireless internet and gave us a password. Really that is all you need from a hotel is good internet and a good bed. Since the bed was out of the question with another one made for people that are 6 foot and under we were left with “MORZE” the password that would make everything ok with the hotel. Well as you can see how this theme is going the password left us hanging and we were left with entertainment from our 1964 TV, with its messed up picture and polish shows that we can’t understand.


We got started very quickly hitting our first 5 shots and building a quick 12 point lead. The second quarter was a back in forth battle with us going to the locker room up 7. In the third they quickly erased that lead and built one of there own going up 7 before the 4th. This is where the game gets weird. I don’t want to criticize the refs again because honestly they officiated a good game, but they did make one call that you just can’t make. We were up 5 with 30 seconds and they called an intentional foul on an and 1 lay-up. He made the free throw and they got the ball back and they scored which tied the game. It took overtimes to decide and eventually we came up on the losing end. I thought Drew and Kiko played really well. Drew was battling there big men all night and kiko hit some big shots. Kevin also had a really good game running the point.

Personally, I did not have much time to do a lot. I hit my first three of the game and went 1-2 for the game and 1-1 from 2’s. I injured my foot that held me out for two practices and put me in jeopardy to play the game. I took a couple of injections to take away the pain. This might have been some of the reason I did not play very much, but I felt great out there.

After a long road stint we finally play a game at home on Saturday, which is must win if we want to stay in the top 4.

Until next time!

This is BC gone for now


Anonymous said...

Brandon, we saw the game and the refs stole our win. Big respect for the whole team for a huge fight.
Do your best to win on Saturday.You will have home fans supporting you. Lets win it!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


you have lots of fans! :)

sorry about the loss

Big Al

Anonymous said...

you once wrote about winning songs in Poland. did you know that we also have losing songs? the one that goes

"czy wygrywasz, czy nie, ja i tak kocham Cię w moim sercu mks najwspanialszym klubem jest"

means, translating it not in exact words, something like

'wheater you win or not, I still love you a lot. in my heart you're the best team in the world'

I was singing it when I watched Internet play-by-play of the game vs prokom learning for the exams in Poznań.

Your blog is great! I enjoy reading it a lot! keep on writing!

and beat Czarni for us. It's another rivalry game. not as big as against AZS, but still very important.


SADO said...

heheh were you sleeping next to Skip?

Kotwica Kolobrzeg fan said...

only Kotwica Kolobrzeg!

Brandon, you're the gratest three pointer in Kotwica, PEACE. . .