Feb 8, 2009

Tough Week

Hello Everyone,

It was a very disappointing week for a couple reasons. I’m not sure how many of you got to watch the super bowl, but I had the chance. I thought it was a great game, even though I missed the whole fourth quarter (which was the quarter that made it great). Anyway there was a commercial that caught my eye. Denny’s (a somewhat popular restaurant in America) was giving away free “grandslams”.

The image on the left is the ‘grandslam”. All these items may not look like much when they are by themselves, but put them all together and you have a glorious breakfast dish. Apparently my family and friends don’t appreciate these food items. None of them went to Denny’s and devoured this breakfast. At this current moment I would pay upwards of $30 for a breakfast like this. All though you think I may be crazy because you can make a breakfast like this at home for like $5. I am lazy and can not find all the ingredients for this breakfast here in Poland. I may be wrong and I’m sure my polish friends will correct me if I am, but I can’t find a breakfast place here that serves anything close to this. My only request is please don’t take for granted all the wonderful breakfast places we have in America, IHOP, Cracker Barrel, Denny’s, Bob Evans, and all those small town dinners. Man I’m salivating all over my keyboard on to the next subject.

The Team

It was a terrible week for me as I was trying to heal my foot from constant pain. We finally got it where it was not hurting so bad and had my first practice on Thursday. Just as things were turning around for me on the injury front, I decided to go and punch the rim, literally. I was attempting to block a shot and guess I forgot I was under the rim. My hand felt like it hit an iron circle! It bruised up pretty bad and I had difficult time shooting and dribbling on Friday. This def. goes down as one of the top five dumbest things I have done in a practice.

If the first two paragraphs were not disappointing enough, I now have to explain our first home game since December 20th. I could just say we lost and end it there, but the way we lost just sickens us.

The main stat that sticks out is that we turned the ball over 23 times. The 23rd time was with 6 seconds left in the game down one. Meaning we did not even get a shot at winning the game. Another stat is that the other team made more free throws then we attempted. With these two stats we should not even of had a chance at winning.

We played pretty solid defense holding them to only 64 points. We just were never able to get anything going with our shots. I was 1-6 from 3 and 0-2 from 2. After watching the tape today, they were good shots, shots that I usually knock down. I had a solid game defensively, having 4 steals and 4 rebounds.

This makes 3 losses in a row. On the bright side, we are still in 4th place with 5 games left. This week of practice will be very important as we try to get back to playing like US. I think the team has lost some focus that we will need to get back. It is not time to hit the panic button, but it is time to buckle down and get back to business. We have a tough road game against Turow on Saturday.

Until next time!

This is BC gone for now


Anonymous said...


watched the super bowl and wanted Arizona Cardinals to win. sorry you missed the 4th qtr.
actually really wished the Colts were in the super bowl

will go to denny's in your honor and enjoy breakfast there thinking of you! :)

hang in there with recent losses.
your team will start winning very soon.

Big Al

Bcrone said...

Thanks Big AL!1

Make sure you pour a ton of maple syrup on it even though it is unhealthy!!

Anonymous said...


will do!

can use some extra pounds on me! :)

Big Al

Anonymous said...

you and your team will win all 5 left games, u r just the best. don't ever doubt in your power and everything will be all right!
i believe in you so much.

Anonymous said...

The fans still believe that we will stay in the top 4.
This is most important, do your best to make our dream come true.
Go go Kotwica!!!!

Anonymous said...

I watched your last game-unlucky:( I'm hoping you will win vs. Turow What are you missing for your favorite breakfast? I'm living in London so I can get you some US products(or similar english). I will be in Kolobrzeg in the next 2 weeks. Let me know.
Take care and good luck on friday


Anonymous said...

Wish you luck next game against turow. Dont think about last losses, fans are still with the team. Great supermen dive in 2nd Q


Bcrone said...


Thanks for the offer but im not missing that much!! plus it will make it that much better when i return home!! have safe travels

Anonymous said...

Listen buddy, I think you don't understand one simple thing....

THIS IS POLAND!!!!! If you want to eat breakfast you have to do it by your self at your home!!! Surprise!!! That's what NORMAL people do. We do't eat that shitty food from Mc Donald's, Denny's or any other crap. So, if you don't like it, mabe you hould try to GO BACK to your perfect coutry, to your perfect hood, to your perfect home, and try to find some work out there. Here, we don't need people who complain so often as you my friend.

Jaro from Sopot.

Anonymous said...

On Friday we have a very important game, I hope the whole team will be focused and you will make another away win.
We will have our fingers crossed watching the game on tv.

Anonymous said...

JARO daj spokój. BC mówi o różnicach. Jest jak sam napisał leniwy, i napewno tęskni za domem. Też tęskniłbyć za małymi różnicami.

Panowie zawodnicy. Zarabiacie sporo pieniędzy więc bądźcie dobrzy dla ręki która Was karmi...

Anonymous said...


Before you go making ignorant comments on peoples blog you should first learn to read and write in English, since that is what the blog is typed in. Brandon clearly was not criticizing anything about your "lovely Poland", nor was he complaining. He was simply stating what he missed from home in a joking manner about the free breakfast.

Also, where did you get the word "perfect hood", is that something you took from your German MTV?

Good luck in Playoffs B. Crone!

D.F. 33