Apr 27, 2009

I got GOLD!!

Hello Everyone,

So it has been about two weeks since the last update, and I have a couple events to talk about now, one being the Optimist All-star game in Frankfort, and the other being the Korean Olympics.

I will first speak on the optimist all-star game. This was a little embarrassing for me because we lost by a last second shot. The event places the high school seniors against the alumni. I don’t know what the criteria for alumni is, but it was not very good. I mean we had some guys that looked like they had not touched a ball since they left high school. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with that, maybe they are swimmers now! We made the mistake of putting the better players all in the same group. We would build an 8-12 point lead and then the other team would come in and lose the lead. This happened in 5 minute intervals for 2 halves. At the end we were down by 4 so I inserted myself because I don’t like to lose. We ended up going up by one. They had a couple shots at it and we rebounded at the end. Instead of just holding the ball, the guy decided to try and pass it up the court. He threw a terrible pass that got deflected. They picked up at their own foul line and scored with .4 seconds left. I was heart broken. Not really, but I am a competitor and hate to lose, esp. like that. I’m not sure if I will be able to play in that event again.

The cool thing about it was my mother and step-farther and my grandparents got to see me play. They miss not being able to drive to butler to check out all the games. My grandmother is trying to get me to hire her as a full time cook next season! The funny thing is I told her I would love it, but I’m not sure she is ready for that commitment.

I’m currently in Memphis as my brother (Loren) is getting ordained on Wednesday to be a minister. I told a couple friends this and they asked if it was like being knighted. I am not anticipating seeing a setting like brave heart on Wednesday or any queens in the building. This is a really special event esp. knowing what my brother has overcome to get to this point. I would say he and I are as close as two brothers can get so I’m pretty excited for him. My parents and grandparents will all be coming down, so it should be a wonderful event. He is currently preaching for college, high school, and younger kids at a Korean church. Which is how I got to attend what I am calling the Korean Olympics?

I went to hear him minister this morning and he did a nice job. After church was over they invited us to this high school where like 7 Korean churches were getting together to have a sports festival. So Loren and I headed down there and got our free shirt and bag. I really had no idea what to except because Loren acted like it was just an intramural basketball game. WOW! It was a lot more then that. They divided the churches into two teams, WHITE and BLUE. I was on the White team. They had sprinting, jump rope, volleyball, kick volleyball, basketball, tennis, soccer, dodge ball, and tug of war. There were a ton of Korean people and it was a big event for them.

Now I really had no intentions on playing, but after about 7 people begged me to play I figured it couldn’t hurt anything. I participated in the basketball game. I was just out there not trying to do much, but get one dunk (people who don’t play basketball love the dunk!) I got my one dunk and we were winning by 14 so I just set the rest of the 2nd UNTIL they gave up the lead and we were losing. See the Koreans are very prideful people and hate to lose. The coach kept telling me to sub in. I subbed in got me a three and bucket to take us to overtime. Then I let them win the game for us!! I am just giving the details of the game not trying to make myself look great against a bunch of players who were not even 6’0” ft. As I was watching my brother partake in the volleyball I got coned in to doing the Tug of war!

That event is terrible; it tears up your hands so bad! We swept the series 2-0. I was with a bunch of other high school guys and a Korean that looked like he is going to participate in the worlds strongest man competition. I went up to finish watching Loren in volleyball and they lost by 1 point in the third game.

I also got to try Korean food for the first time. They had some beef, sushi, and some other really spicy thing. We also had some rice cake that looks nothing like the name. It is small green ravioli looking thing with a brown interior. I would rate the food a 6 out of 10 for the first time! I think I took a point away because they only had chopsticks and I still have no idea how to use those.

The overall best part about the day?? I went home with 2 GOLD MEDALS while Loren went home with 1 Gold and 1 Silver!!!

Until next time

This is BC gone for now


Anonymous said...


glad your family got to see you play again.

congrats to Loren on being a minister!

Big Al

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typizdo said...

Nice post Brandon. Waiting for more. Good to know you're back on the court

klamcatchorzburak said...

BC - what with next season? Where're you going to play?
Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Sibling rivalry at its best! What fun!!
Miss K

SADO said...

Kotwica found few sponsors for next season i heard in KoĊ‚obrzeg. I think will finaly have one of the biggest founds in league.