Apr 14, 2009

Thanks for the VISA!!

Hello Everyone,

I have moved past what happened in Poland, but I must go back for one more story. Now the only reason I am bringing this up is because I don’t think it should happen. I hope this is not how every club does it, but maybe they do.

SO the weekend before the three of us left for home, the club informed us that we did not have work visas for Poland. They wanted us to take a trip to Ukraine on our weekend off (All-Star weekend). This would have been about a 12-17 hour trip. That is really good for you to sit in a car for that long after we had just retuned for the cup trip. Well since this trip did not sound very enticing and is something we should never had to worry about, we did some investigating on our own. What we found out is that you get 90 days on a tourist visa every 180 days. This meant if we went to Ukraine the Border patrol for Poland would not have to let us back in, if he followed the law. You may be thinking they would let you in. That was not a risk I was willing to take, with everything in Poland and then not be able to come back in. SO That Monday we became illegal citizens of Poland. That was the last straw for me, and it was not a risk I was really to take by staying. Maybe nothing would have happened but the fact that there was the slightest chance for me to be put in jail, deported, what money I did have be taken, or whatever else could have happened was just ridiculous. DO I bring this up to try to rationalize my decision for leaving? NO because I don’t need to do that, I simply bring it up because I hope it does not happen to future players. Like I said that was the final straw in terms of disrespect and terrible management.

Since being home I have been doing nothing, but riding up and down the interstates in my ford pickup truck with my dog and cowboy hat singing country tunes. Actually I’m just using the stereotype of us Americans. All though I have been doing a lot of driving only it has been in my same yellow jeep that I have had for about 9 years now. Another Easter has come and went, packed with loads of food and family. I have this problem with saying no to food. I think it might be kind of an addiction. I have already gained 8 pounds since returning home. Most of this is because I have not done anything since returning home. I have just been trying to heal my hand and foot properly. I just started working out again this week! I have had some talks with some people in hopes of landing a coaching job. That is something I have had my mind set on for a long while. I will be pursuing this some this summer, but if there are not any good opportunities then I will play overseas for one more year.

I will be playing in the optimist all-star game this Saturday in Frankfort, Should be a fun experience. I remember going to watch them when I was little. It is a game where the graduating seniors from high school around our county play alums.

I’m not sure if I have talked about this yet, but I will not be having the BC 3 on 3 Classic this year. This is due for a couple reasons. Mainly the insurance and the lack of sponsorships do to the economy. (This is the short explanation). I had a great time putting this event on last year, and maybe some day it will start up again. I will be hosting a basketball camp that will last for one week at the boys and girls club.

I will try to update the blog every two weeks with hopefully some good subjects. It is a lot easier to find things to write about when I’m out of the country. Here it is just home and feels ordinary, but I will try harder!!!

Until next time

This is BC gone for now


Anonymous said...


interesting on visa situation.
you made a smart decision as always!

bummer on your BC 3 on 3 tourney won't happen this summer. :(

good luck on finding coaching position.

look forward to reading your future blog updates.

Big Al

Yabadabadoo said...

Hi How is traditional Easter in the usa spent?

zdrajca said...

good decision. Too risky, to stay there.

tyjebanacioto said...

nice post. keep goin

typizdo said...

More posts Brandon