Jun 8, 2009

When is my next cruise?

Hello Everyone,

So I have returned from my cruise! It was a great time. Almost every one of my posts on this blog has been about food so this one will be no exception. If you want good food and as much as you want whenever you want (on vacation that is) then a cruise is for you.

Many of you probably know how a cruise works, but if you don’t I will enlighten you. When you first get on the ship they have a full buffet waiting on you, and everyday after that they have a breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffet. The great thing is that is not your only options. They then have 2 other sit down restaurants where they wait on you. You can order as many appetizers, as many entrees, and as many desserts. I usually kept it moderation. I do have some workouts with scouts this week. The dinners are not like chicken either. I’m talking about lobster, shrimp, and scallop linguine, or steak. Well I will not harp on the food to long but yes it was very good.

There are two must haves on a cruise, a big stomach, and a balcony room. The first one we already went over, but the balcony is key. Some people might not think that this is a big deal, but I guess if you’re a big guy and like space this helps. The number one great thing about the balcony is you don’t have to go to the top deck to get great views. You just walk out your balcony and see everything you want. The second is that I’m a nap person, so the people you are with may not be. Instead of heading out of the room or just sitting in the dark they are able go get the views or read a book or heck do whatever they want (as long as they are quiet). Plus you can order room service whenever you choose and enjoy it on the balcony. I did that for breakfast.

The cruise also had a nice workout room as most if not all have those so I was able to stay in shape, but my shot was a little harder to keep in good shape. They had a full court with two rims only they had a volleyball net stretched across at all times. I say a full court I guess it was two rims across from each other with some space. So I got up early one morning ready to keep my shot good. Well that was a littler harder then I thought. I picked up the ball and it weighed about 40 pounds as it had rained the night before. Then I started shooting and realized that the rims were worse then the fair rims, where they try to con you into making a shot for a stuffed animal. These rims were harder to make then that. We will find out tomorrow if it the cruise hurt my shot. I don’t think it will be to bad and the cruise was a much needed vacation.

The entertainment on the ship was pretty good. They had a comedian that really got the crowd into making a fool out of themselves. He had them reenact the wizard of oz having people act like tin man and so on. They also had a couple nights of karaoke. There were some funny acts, some good acts, and then the person that wanted to be an American idol over and over and over again. I think her name was Debby and I heard her sing a few to many country westerns that I could have lived without. We also spent one day on the beach where we rented some rafts. We actually went too far around the rocks and had the lifeguards blowing the whistle at us, but we got to see some crabs crawling on the rocks so it was worth it. The best part about the cruise was probably Atlantis in Nassau. It is a massive resort themed after the lost city of Atlantis. They have aquariums, pools, and water exhibits every where.

I would highly recommend a cruise vacation if you have never tried one. I’m ready to book my next one.

Wish me luck this week as I will be working out for a job next season!!

Until next time

This is BC gone for now


Anonymous said...


great pics and update!

never been on a cruise
sounds like lots of fun! :)

Big Al

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FajnaSukaCieniasie said...

great pictures Brandon, you still have fans up here :) greetz