Jul 19, 2009


I know have been slacking quite a bit on the blog lately! prob. losing some followers out of it, but it is just not as exciting for me to talk about what I do at home! the real excitement comes when i enter the foreign lands and see all types of things that i don't see here! No news to report on yet, Europe is moving very slow this year due to the global wide recession. Hopefully, i will be signing a new contract in about a week! I will be heading up to Michigan University next week to expand my networking for when I want to become a college coach!

Until next time!

BC gone for now


Anonymous said...


Antonio Burks remains in critical condition

Antonio Burks played last season in Czarni Slupsk (Poland) ...

Anonymous said...


good luck with contract!
keep me posted on details

hope michigan networking goes well.

Big Al

Joe Z said...

I'll pay you $50 a year to come join a NYC rec league and play on my squad.

Anonymous said...

Brandon we play your next season in AZS Koszalin?

Anonymous said...


Whenever you check this...good luck with the coming year. I am always interested in what "my Cuz" is doing. I'm still at Butler, cmsmith@butler.edu, and enjoying it. When it becomes a job I'll quit!
Haven't had any BB players since A.J. and Drew graduated. But I'm keeping up with things none the less.
Come down and see me sometime when you are on campus. I have posted the picture of you and Drew and A.J. and me on my facebook page...gets comments now and then.

Love ya,

Prof. Smith