Oct 11, 2009

Still nothing official!

Hello Everyone,

I know it has been a while since I have posted a good blog entry, or what I consider to be a good blog entry (photos, funny stories of any kind) and don't get your hopes up because this is just a mediocre to poor one. So I will have to start this one of by correcting my last update. I had it a little premature. Then I can get into Butler Homecoming and Morgan and I day at a fun farm by St. Louis.

My last entry had me going to Bakersfield, California. This was not entirely correct or at least not yet. My agent was taking a trip to Europe so I postponed singing the D-league contract in hopes that he could scramble up a job. He has since returned and there is only a possibility of a job in Europe. It would be with a team in Sweden and I wouldn’t have to go until December. I will have until next week to see if this becomes a reality. The NBA development leagues draft is on Thursday november 5th. If I end up signing the Development league contract then I would be in the draft. Then it would be up to Bakersfield or Ft. Wayne or some other surprise team to draft me. I can’t say which one I want to happen more because they both bring pros and cons, but the funny thing is neither is a for sure thing. I will hopefully know by the end of next week, but I am done stressing about it. I will have to just accept whatever happens and move on. It is not a good year to be in the middle of the pack of players, we just have to let it play out and go for there.

There have been some advantages of being home past August, one being able to see some of my siblings’ soccer and tennis matches. Another being that I attended my first Butler Homecoming since I graduated (which meant qudoba 2 nights in a row). It is a lot of fun to see so many people that I spent four years of my life with in classes, and on campus, (yes I did go to class)!! A lot of them were doing really well in their career fields. I had a lot of people talking about how skinny I looked. The only reason I point this out is because many of them saw me when I was a 4/5 for Butler having to guard players like Al Horford. I have since had to slim up so I can be a 2/3 and guard players like Daniel Ewing and David Logan.

Brian Ligon and James parker two teammates of mine at Butler were able to come as well. We spent a lot of time with the current Butler team and it was a lot of fun to share the stories with them. Man they are going to have a heck of a team. As long as they don’t let all the media talk about them get to their head. I don’t think they will have a chance to listen to the media with the tough schedule they will face early on. With the type of players Butler recruits I don’t think that would ever be a problem.

This weekend was spent in St. Louis with Morgan. She is finishing her last three months of rotations for Occupational Therapy and then she can start bringing in some bread for us!! We went to Eckert fun farms about 10 minutes south of St. Louis. It had a huge apple orchard and pumpkin patch. I was too cheap to buy any apples so I just ate them while we walked through the orchard. It had a ton of other activities like pig racing, camel rides, pumpkin cannon, farm store, and whatever else you want. I sound like a commercial for them! We ate some ham bean soup, cornbread, and took some pictures. It was a wonderful day especially after the nonstop rain in Indiana.

Well that is a little more than my one sentence update two weeks ago! Hopefully next one will be with me having a job!


Anonymous said...


great blog update

good luck with news on basketball team in europe, bakersfield, or ft. wayne.

wish you very best in your career.
always cheering loud and jumping up and down for you! :)

Big Al

Anonymous said...

Hey Brandon
I'm a writer for Sporting News. We're working on our CBK preview. I was hoping to get a quote from you about the key to Butler's season -- what's the No. 1 thing for them this year? Can you shoot me an email?
(Love your blog, BTW)

Matt Crossman