Oct 17, 2009

Sweden Here we come AGAIN

Hello Everyone,

What a difference a week can make! After writing last week’s blog there has been ANOTHER change. I found out on Tuesday that my old team in Sweden, Sodertalje Kings, needed a player. This was good news for me, but unfortunate for a friend of mine. Joe Nixon who played at DePauw was the player that was signed to go there, but due to a back injury he was not able to play. I have not been able to really get too excited about this as I have been battling a case of either H1N1 or just the flu.

There are a couple reasons that going to Sweden will be a better fit then the Development league. The first being it is better financially for me, that is not always the most important but it is important. The second is there is little risk in it. I have been there before so they know what I can do, where as the development league there is always a chance of getting cut (I don’t think I would have but still a slight risk). Lastly, I’m going to be asked to be the MAN! This comes with a lot of pressure, but something that I know I’m ready for. I haven’t really had this kind of responsibility since I was in high school. The only thing is I will have to ask them to be a little patient as I will have to get myself back in shape. I was in really good shape until this flu bug invaded me! I have not been able to work out for over a week now! I have a couple days left on the medicine the doctor gave me. I’m hoping I will at least be able to work out on Monday before 8 hour plane ride on Tuesday. I am supposed to be playing in the game on Friday as well!!!

Outside of basketball it will be fun to go back to a familiar place. I had a lot of fun and many of the same people are still in Sodertalje. I am hoping they have finished their construction on the roads outside the apartments, which is the only thing I hated, getting woken up early in the mornings. I guess there won’t be a ton of new food stories since I have had many of the Swedish cuisine. I have an obsession with food so I’m sure I won’t be able to stay away from that topic. Hopefully, some family can get over this time and see all that Stockholm and Sodertalje has to offer.

The next blog update will be when I’m in Sweden and I’m sure I will have some stories from the airport or airplane!

Until Next Time

This is BC gone for now!


Anonymous said...


good luck in sweden! :)

will enjoy reading your future blog updates

Big Al

Anonymous said...

My neighbour Marko Djuric plays for Uppsala Basket. Say hi to him from his neighbour if you have a chance to do that :)

Coogles said...

Best of luck in Sweden!