Nov 29, 2009

Hate missing Thanksgiving

Hello Everyone,

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving with family, friends and whoever you celebrate it with. This is always a tough time for me over here missing thanksgiving. It is the one Holiday where pretty much the ENTIRE family gets together. This has been the third thanksgiving in a row missed and it doesn’t get any easier. This Thanksgiving was a little more special as my Aunt got married on Saturday. BIG congratulations to her. I’m very happy for her! Also my brother is getting married on December 4th. I really wish I could be there for him on that great day. It is a very private ceremony and then he is having a big wedding in a year! So I will just have to act like it never happened until next year

The week was not all bad. I was invited to Phil and Stina’s house for a thanksgiving meal. This is the same family that invited me to Christmas dinner last time I was here. They live about 30 minutes outside of Sodertalje in the country. Their house is right on a lake. They are such a nice and generous family. To go out of your way on a family holiday to invite two Americans over to taste a little bit of home is pretty neat. They had a very typical thanksgiving meal as well, Turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, broccoli, some mushroom thing that was great, and PUMPKIN PIE (my favorite). Their youngest of three sons, Lucas, is trying to attend college in the states next year. He plays with the younger team and is 6’11”. He will be a very good college player.

Besides getting a great meal this week I also found out that my MRI was negative. I still have some slight pain in the hamstring, but was on the court today shooting and moving around. I’m very pleased that I should only be out another week instead of the 6-8 I thought I was going to be out. I have been driving about 15 minutes to receive treatment on the leg. I will continue to do that for a couple weeks. We are also trying to get an appointment with a guy that coach calls (chinaman). Apparently he thinks he can perform some Asian magic which I have no problem trying.

The team split this week going 1-1. We dominated our home game by 20. It was the away game at Solna that really made me miss being out there. They are first in the league and we had them down by 17 going into the 4th. The team just froze after that. They hit 5 or 6 deep threes and we started missing easy shots and making terrible turnovers. We really need someone to calm them down and keep the poise which I think I would have been able to help with. It was miserable sitting on the end of the bench and watching that. We are so close to running off 5 or 6 wins. We need to stop talking about it and make it happen though. Hopefully I will be back playing next week!!

Until Next Time!

This is BC gone for now


Anonymous said...


congrats to loren and jessie! :)

good news on mri
get healthy soon

Big Al

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a good thanksgiving over in Europe.

Current Butler Student

Anonymous said...

hello man!
saw you in the localpost(LT) the other week, and roecignezed you as the dancing man on the club Strip(södertälje) some weeks ago.. remember? Also that we had one friend in common on facebook, tryed to add you, but guess you locked t account or so.if you want to add me try it,Maria Molin
ciao take care

Anonymous said...

He came tonight to you Santa Claus with gifts? Have you been naughty and not received a gift? :)

pozdrowienia z Polski

jsuh8963 said...

sup dude, i have no idea if u will remember who i am, but uh this past summer u were in memphis for your brothers ordination and played in the memphis korean olympic basketball game lol uh i was "coach" on our team not really more like just kept everyone some what organized... so u are balling overseas rite now?

Anonymous said...

Globe warming? Its a joke man. Read the papers they LIED! How many private jets can Copehagen airport handle... talk about a carbon footprint!Maybe we should have more limos come over from Germany and drive the delegates to and from the houses of ill repute getting their delegate freebies!!!
I was always right GOTcha I win.

Anonymous said...

B- here is a message from lil bro Sam. He says to pick up your 3PG's and FT's and although he likes the bball game he wants you to know he l-o-v-e-s football and wants to be a running back. He loves his powerwing if he didn't already tell you. Thanks Luv ya dude!

P.S. Is your blog a political venue now? Love brie

Anonymous said...

Who will win today ?