Dec 13, 2009

Back on the floor!!

Hello Everyone,

No! I did not forget to write the blog last week just felt like I did not have a lot to type. I feel like the blog has been a little boring this season so far. I guess I’m just getting used to the Europe lifestyle, but it is not like Sweden is very different. When I went to Poland it was somewhat of culture shock, but after already being here one season things are pretty simple. The only thing I have noticed is the pack of dog walkers.

At night I have noticed a bunch of people together with green reflecting construction vest and a ton of dogs. I’m not sure if they are walking the elderly people’s dogs or if they just have a dog walking group. I’m thinking about trying to find out how to translate “dog walker” in Swedish and I may have my second job over here. I will just post some fliers around my apartment and see if I have any takers.

This past week I did an interview with Will (the other American) for a magazine called “Newz” I believe. I must say it was one of the most unique ones I have ever done. We ended up playing two on two against the reporters. They had jerseys made up for them and everything. Morris and Jenny were the two we played against. Morris was about 5’4” and had the head band and high socks and all. So he looked good when will dunked on him a couple times. We gave them 7 points and played to 10. Of course we couldn’t let them win but we had a lot of fun playing. They had another guy taking photos of the game and we there were some really good action shots, and we staged a couple photos. It is cool for me when people who don’t play basketball or don’t know much about it come and appreciate the skills we actually have. After the game we sat down and answered some questions but they weren’t your normal questions which was also unique. The article should be pretty cool when it comes out and I will try and get some photos of it!

This past week was also spent with a lot of treatment again. I went to see the Peter the “specialist” or “chinaman” again on the other side of Stockholm. I drove there by myself which is always an adventure. I did have a GPS but that still did not stop me from getting lost and ending up in downtown Stockholm. They have a tunnel system that runs through Stockholm and there isn’t much satellite service down there. =When I came out of the tunnel it told me I was wrong, but luckily it fixed everything for me and I ended up where I needed to be. He was someone that works with needles, but he also was a chiropractor, and he did some things he called ARP. He was really good at what he does. He spent a lot of time testing my strength in my legs and then explaining why. He may have had a little bit of a God complex as he referred to himself as Jesus, and after I was done there I would think he was like a God. I think some of the things he did helped with the leg and back BUT I don't know about GOD like. The leg is not 100 percent, but I have been playing and it continues to get better every day.

We went 2-2 over the past two weeks. The two games we lost were in overtime and on the road. We should have had both of them, but shoulda woulda coulda never gets you very far. The team has been playing a lot better and we are still in position to finish 6th or 5th in the league and make playoffs if we continue to play like this. I played in 3 of the 4 games having a double-double in two of them.
We have 3 games left until a little break for Christmas. Two of the games are against the top teams in the league. Tuesday will be a great start to get a home win against a very good team.

I had a great home cooked meal this week after our home win at our young point guard’s house “Karim”. His mother cooked up some chicken and rice that was excellent. They are a very nice and big family. He has four other brothers.

Until Next Time!

This is BC gone for now


Anonymous said...


very cool on the interview

hope your team continues to get better and makes the playoffs

real soon you'll be at 100%!

Big Al

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See! start talking global warming junk and you could get a statue in the pie hole like that Italian delegate on Monday!!! It's got to be the plastic milk jugs that are destroying the world.

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good win against Mcknight and company.bc

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