Dec 21, 2009

3 in a ROW, and a road win!

Hello Everyone,

It’s a winter wonderland over here!! I think we have had a snow storm every day of the past week. As soon as the sidewalks get cleared the fluffy stuff starts flowing down again. I actually feel like I’m in Sweden this time. Two years ago I think it snowed more in Indiana then here.

We had our Christmas party on Saturday with the organization (all the people behind the scenes). It really didn’t feel like much of a Christmas party, I mean no music, no decorations, no secret Santa’s. They did have some food though so that usually makes everything better. They had a lot of cold salads and then cold fish (that is big around Christmas time here)! The salmon with lemon was on point though (slang for GOOD)! They had some other cold meats as well. The team had a great time just hanging out and talking.

I leave for Prague on Wednesday morning for a little vacation break. The original plan was to meet up with AJ Graves, an old teammate of mine who is playing in Poland this season. Fortunately for him he gets to go home for Christmas. Julian Betko another teammate of mine from Butler lives about 4 hours from Prague and was going to be home for Christmas. So I made plans to spend Christmas with his family. I’m pretty excited about it. When we were roommates at Butler his parents came for Christmas in the states and his mother is an excellent cook! It will be interesting to see how the Slovaks spend Christmas and should be another wonderful experience in life, I will probably only have once.

We flew to ostertund (I know I spelled this city wrong) to play Jamtland. It was like a two hour plane flight. The hotel was the same place we stayed when I played here last time. I got pretty excited to see it again because the food there was excellent. I love road trips, you get fed a lot and you just relax in a hotel room. The only difference between the college road trip and the professional road trip is you can go out after you win! We went to a small club and just enjoyed our win. We found there kebab place for our late night snack, but I must say it was not nearly as good as the Kebab House in Sodertalje. It was pretty funny as two Americans (will and I) were sitting in “Kebab City” critiquing the kebab and which place had a better one.

I have a feeling I’m going to be a good coach one day. I’m pretty sure I predicted that we were going to start winning some games and in a row! We have a 3 game win streak currently and won our first game on the road this past week. I must say we got a little lucky to come out of there with a win, but I’m not complaining at all!! We have no time to pat ourselves on the back for getting back in the playoff picture, as our next two games are away and against the first and second place teams!

I had two pretty good games again both scoring and rebounding. I have really picked up my rebounding since my injury. It is an easy way to get myself going in the game. If you can grab a couple offensive rebounds or have a couple put backs just gets your confidence up.

I will be taking a little holiday break from the blog much like the TV shows do!! I should have a lot to talk about when I return from the Christmas trip and Morgan’s visit here over New Years!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

See you in 2010

Until Next Time!

This is BC gone for now


Anonymous said...


congrats on winning streak!


Big Al

Anonymous said...

Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Good luck in the game on Tues.
Hope it feels good to play games and not practice, practice, practice

Anonymous said...

Cheers from Kołobrzeg!