Nov 15, 2009

Hello Everyone,

This week was a very uneventful week. The game we had was rescheduled because our coach had to attend some coaching thing in Chicago. We actually had a couple days off from practice to rest up and mentally prepare to attack these next 10 games before Christmas! We need to go 7-3 or better to really have any chance of making playoffs. It is very doable and I think we are making strides as a team to get there.

With my off time I was able to catch the opening game for Butler! They had their hands full with Davidson and I was pretty impressed with how well Davidson played. Butler is going to get the A game of every team with their ranking. Butler got off to a slow start, but nice to see them fight through that and pick up a nice win. It only gets tougher from here. I think the play I was most surprised by was when Mack attacked the bucket and almost dunked the ball and picked up the foul. I didn’t know he had that in him, but if he attacks like that all season he is going to be tough.

We had a little Christmas in November. We received winter jackets and other gear (sweat suits, polo, and practice gear) this week. If you couldn’t tell by the picture I love the jacket. It is one of the warmest I have had. It will come in very handy in this land!

I will no longer be asking for reader participation ! It was very depressing only seeing three comments and none of those comments had a restaurant for me to check out! (Thanks for the comments though) Don’t get me wrong I don’t need comments to know who is reading this, just thought it would be nice to pick the brains of some of the readers! And yes this is a guilt trip:)

Welp very short and very boring post, but I will leave you with a funny clip from the office! In case you haven’t seen it! (this is special for you mother)

Until Next Time!

This is BC gone for now


Anonymous said...


good pic :)

enjoy your week

Big Al

Anonymous said...


Sorry -- I missed a few days and didn't see your request for restauratnt suggestions. But you should definitely keep writing. I've been reading regularly since you started this blog. While the basketball stories are intersting, the best part is your impressions of daily life in [insert European country]. Keep it up!

A Bulldog fan.

Bcrone said...

I will defiantly keep writing!! but no more asking for FAN participation!hahah

Thanks for reading!!