Jan 24, 2010

Take the good with the BAD!

Hello Everyone,

This week featured a PR visit to a school and a huge road game at Uppsala! The schools here are pretty relaxed. The school was like an elementary and middle school combined. When we first arrived there were young kids sledding down the icy hill. Right next to the brick building and metal bike racks. They did have helmets on so I guess they were kind of safe. I took a turn down the hill and it was rather fun. I’m pretty cautious after my incident back in high school (long story short I tore cartilage sledding down a 2 foot hill). Another example of how relaxed the school was over half of the students were walking the halls, while the other half had headphones in their ears. I guess it has been a while since I was in elementary and middle school, but BACK IN MY DAY that would have never went down!

We spoke to three classes and handed out tickets to the Tuesdays TV game. That is a huge game for the club as the TV station will decide if they will air any other games in Sodertalje based on the crowd. We also stayed around the school for a while signing autographs for the kids. I really enjoy that part of the job. I am pretty good with kids and enjoy them most likely due to all my little siblings. Although there was one kid that kept trying to steal all my tickets and I did want to slap him, but I figured that would be hard to explain to the club why I was in a Swedish jail after a PR trip.

The game in Uppsala was for fifth place in the league. The game was going to be extra tough without our center. I mean we are not that tall of a team anyway, our center is only 6’7” which is not very big in basketball. He is the only player we have that really likes to play with his back to the basket. It defiantly was not our best game played. We were really bad on defense, but luckily for us Uppsala did not play much better either. It was another one of those games where the refs stopped play every 5 seconds. I even picked up an intentional foul when I stripped a guy. We played much better in the second half and won by 12 or something. I had a very solid game scoring 23, and grabbing 11 rebounds with 5 assist and a steal, but it came with a price.

I ruptured a ligament in my knee. Not one of the big ones like the ACL or MCL but some other CL (don’t really know if there are any other CL’s). Anyway it looks like I will be out anywhere between 1-4 weeks which would be 3 or 4 games. It will now make it extremely tough on the team as we have lost 60 mins a game, 35-40 points a game, and 15-20 rebounds a game with the center and I out. The good thing is we have the players that can come in and step up. This could also benefit us during playoffs having a really deep bench. I seem to be a little cursed here in Sodertalje with injuries. I have had more injuries playing in this town then I have had in the previous 7 years. I am staying positive however as we have worked our way into playoff position and just need to maintain. When you play a sport for a living you know there is always a risk of injury. I just really hope I am back on the court when my mother flies over in February as that was one of the main motivators to see me play again.

I will have more time to keep perfecting my art of cooking..

In case you are wondering it is eggs with spinach and onion, bacon, cheesy potatoes, toast with jelly, pineapple juice and of course no meal is complete without the Heinz bottle!

I really just felt like bragging on myself!

Until Next Time!

This is BC gone for now


Anonymous said...

we beat Big Al

Anonymous said...

ohhh he know

Anonymous said...


GO COLTS!!!!!!!!!!! :)

sorry you got injured..get well soon

Big Al

Anonymous said...

Got to watch game online. did not get to see contact that caused injury. camera was following ball then came back to you. you were already off court and trainer was appying ice.
be patient

SADO said...

Good luck Brandon! Greets from KoĊ‚obrzeg!!

Anonymous said...
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