Feb 7, 2010

Hello Everyone,

Well it has been a couple weeks since the last post and I must say they were not the best couple of weeks. It has been a little frustrating as I have been battling a sickness, trying to get the knee to 100% and we lost 3 out of 4 games. There is a little good news that I played in the last 2 games meaning the knee was not as injured as we once thought. The MRI came back showing only a bone bruise and minimal cartilage damage. After hearing that news I have been rehabbing and trying hard to get it back to 100%. I will start swimming this weekend to keep up with conditioning and try to stay off it as much as possible.

Even though we lost 3 out of the last 4 we still find ourselves in 6th place with 10 games remaining. It would have been nice to get a couple wins though as we played 3 out of the 4 at home. We also lost an important game to Gothia who right now holds the tie breaker with us. We see them one more time so if we can get that one it will become a points system. We are still eagerly awaiting the return of our injured center that will help us match up better with a lot of teams. Like I mentioned earlier I have played in the last two games, but not without some pain and it only being at 80%. We play one more game on Tuesday against the top team in the league then we get a 12 day break which should be huge for us to all get healthy again.

This is usually the time when I start missing home a little bit. We get in a normal routine and not a lot is happing. I am really excited for my mother who will be coming next week. She has never been out of the country before and I think she is a little nervous. It will be a wonderful experience for her. I’m just hoping some of this snow melts away so the touring will be a little easier. I’m trying to think of a menu for her and I while she is here! We will have to go exotic sense neither one of us are picky.

hoped you enjoyed the no action photo shots to go with the no action blog post!!

Until Next Time!

This is BC gone for now


Anonymous said...


good pics of you

glad your mother is coming to visit. give her my best.


Big Al

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