Feb 14, 2010

Chinese anyone?!

Hello Everyone,
The biggest thing I learned this week was not to go to a Chinese buffet in Sodertalje. I say this for a couple reasons, but surprisingly not because how the food tasted. They had a Mongolia grill which actually would have been alright if I didn’t put like 5 scoops of Szechwan sauce. I guess that sauce is pretty hot and the Swedish sign said you only need half a spoon full (I have not learned to read Swedish yet). They did have sweet and sour chicken, but I have never been a huge fan of that plus I couldn’t taste it after burning every one of my taste buds off. I couldn’t find any of my favorites like chicken & Broccoli, General Tso’s, cooked crab meat, and the many others. The selection was very weak for a buffet compared to the buffets I come from. After all that it still wasn’t the worst part, the worst part was the bill. 170 Krowns was the damage which is like $24(that included the one glass of coke that was like $3 and no refills). I know you are now thinking to yourself “Brandon you play a game for a living you can pay $24 for a meal” and that is all well and good, but it doesn’t mean I have to be happy about doing it. The funniest part about the evening was the reaction from our center (Boka) when he heard the price. He thought he said 117 so of course he gave him 120. The guy just kept looking at him, and then printed out the receipt that said 170. Boka looked at it and had a 5 year old reaction of “DAMN! I will never be eating at this place again”. I guess a 5 yr old wouldn’t cuss yet so we will say 7 yr old! There growing up so fast these days!

Some of us attended the karaoke bar on Wednesday night, where I took part in singing two songs. I have never sung karaoke before I came here this year. I must say I kind of like it, but that is probably because I’m surrounded by people that don’t speak my language and I will never see again. I sang the two songs with a teammate, summer of 69, and 99 red balloons! Some other songs of the night from the teammates were; purple rain, sexual feeling, hero, Maria Maria, and they also sang a Brittany song that made for a good laugh.

We only had one game this week against the top team which we lost. I did not play in the game as my knee was acting up again and since we were having this long break after Tuesday’s game we decided it would be smarter to try and get it 100% as we will be making a final push for playoffs with 9 games remaining. We are currently in 7th place and are looking good to finish in 6th or maybe even 5th place.

We had the entire weekend off of basketball to re energize for that final push. Some of us decided to go into Stockholm and see something different. It was a nice change of scenario and I think much needed. I will hopefully begin practicing again on Monday and have the week to prepare for plannja which will be a tough test. My mother will be in the stands for the first time in like 3 years so that will be pretty exciting as long as she doesn’t yell for me to bend my knees on the free throw line;)

Until Next Time!

This is BC gone for now


timmmmmmmmmmmmmmay said...

awesome pictures mate :) we rocked that fucking karaoke place!!! lol

Anonymous said...


sure karaoke was lots of fun!

have a good week

Big Al