Feb 28, 2010

10 Days with my son!!

Hello Everyone,

So I thought I would give my mother a chance to tell her story of the 10 days here and what she experienced or thought. It is one thing when you are just out of college and your mind is open to anything, but my mother is 50 and has never left the USA (Bahamas doesn’t count). I figure you are pretty set in your ways and comforts by that age. So everything she saw here was probably a bit different for her. Even though Sweden is a pretty easy country to adjust to, I have no idea what she would have done in Poland or Hungary, it can still be different. She now has her STAMP and here are her thoughts!!!!!

Well I am sure this won’t be as good as Brandon’s but he is insisting I share my visit with him on here for a “different “perspective! So here it goes…..
My flight was nonstop from Chicago which was great, BUT Brandon was over an hour late to pick me up due to traffic and weather:( I was super happy to see him and for once I did the right thing and did not panic and stayed in one place so he could find me easily. Weird though because I had no use of a cell, no one to call so really what if he was hours late??? Good news is I made it and have had an awesome 10 days here. Luckily guys, especially my 3 boys seem to be very low maintenance so my time has been very relaxing.

The highlight of my trip of course was getting to see 3 games while I was here, two at home and one about a 4.5 hour bus ride away. (More on that later) They lost the first game in overtime to the #2 team in the league, I could go on and on about the details but let me just say it never should have been an overtime game to begin with, DANG! The away game was great, they played really well especially Brandon. He had a great game. I was their only fan there so it was kinda funny cheering and whistling by myself. B had 22pts, 6 boards 6 steals and 2 assists. They won the last game on Saturday as well and they currently sit in 6th place for the playoffs with 6 games remaining. I LOVED getting to know his team. I watch most the games on the internet and now I will know exactly who is doing what and what is going on for the most part.

Their coach is VERY intense, which is good. All the guys speak English which was great however they all have their own version and it can be very funny at times. I think Boka might be the best:) The bus ride was typical except we watched Forgetting Sara Marshall, (actually saw 4 movies in all) a very funny movie with some pretty vivid sex scenes, it was funny but the thing that I laughed hardest at was all the guys laughing and his Coach who couldn’t stop laughing. We passed where we were supposed to stop and eat pre- game meal from on the way there. We stopped at some random place which happened to be right on the 2nd largest lake in Sweden. It was beautiful.

Speaking of food, I can’t leave that out because that is usually the highlight of B’s blog right? B took me to a Greek place the first night and although I don’t really know what it was called, I had lamb and rice. It was excellent. After the game Saturday we went to a place downtown and ate what they call a kebab (no meat on a stick though, how weird is that) and it was meat on top of fries with a small salad on the same plate and this orange sauce over all of it. It too was actually excellent. I will say these are not things I would normally try. We went to the grocery, interesting, I couldn’t figure anything out really but fortunately Brandon was and pro got everything we needed and we ate at home most of the time. His favorite was not really the food, just the fact that it would be ready for him after pracitce and the biggest thing NO dishes.

We went to Stockholm, one day then to a Harley Davidson store another day (it was closed for inventory) then back to the Harley store again when it was open. They were closed the first day and had no signs on the door or anything. It was weird because a lot of people were trying to go in. I don’t think you would see that in the states. We watched a movie every night but one, played lots of monopoly cards (yes I got my butt kicked) but he has lots more practice! We also stayed up WAY past my bedtime if I was home. That will be an adjustment going home and having to get up and get ready again. B usually stays up till 1 and I didn’t want to go to bed before him so I rolled with it. He was pretty shocked when I slept in until 11. He has never seen that before.

Things I will say I noticed here: Never any ice anywhere, smallest glasses no matter what you drink, NO such thing as Diet Pepsi (did have Pepsi & Pepsi max). Tons of people walk everywhere here so in turn you see very few “heavy” people. With that said the jeans look like they are painted on, or they were leggings with sweaters over them and boots. I have no idea how they don’t freeze to death but tons of gals wear them freezing or not. Lots and lots of smokers and they start really young here. Most people here speak English when you tell them that’s all you speak. This is the most snow they have had here since 1985 so they really struggle with clearing roads and parking lots. They are not big on shopping hours, lots of stores close really early, they don’t seem to have much going on after 7pm.

What I loved the most was spending time with my son who is just a few months away from getting married. Life changes, kids grow up and make you really proud and you learn that it’s okay to trust them when you’re on their turf and just roll with it:)

Until Next Time!

This is Mother gone for now


Jenny - NeWZ said...

Great post! Interesting to here ur mothers view!

Anonymous said...


great blog update from your mom
very informative and entertaining
give her my best

nice pics :)

Big Al

Kyle Ruch said...

Loved the post! I'm super happy for ya'll and the opportunity she had to come visit you! I know from first hand experience it's hard to be a "momma's boy" and be away from your mother! Mrs. Mitchell I applaud you for making the trip and I'm so glad you had a blast "rolling with" BC's living habits! I can't wait until the next time I get to see you both, hopefully it's before the wedding!

Love you both!

Kyle Ruch

Ms K said...

Brandon~~Your mom was so excited to be able to come to Sweden to visit you. The fact that you were so looking forward to her visit made it even better. .. We are each gifted in different areas. Just so you know, I will still be available after 1/1/11 to edit and write letters, etc. and honored to do so. .. Keep on keeping on!
Ms K